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‘Justice League’: Did Ezra Miller Just Hint A Major Theme Twist In The Film?, Details

Screenshot from Justice League Final Trailer

‘Justice League’: Did Ezra Miller Just Hint A Major Theme Twist In The Film?, Details

Any fan that follows the comics is sure to be startled by the headline. But it looks like Justice League may have an entirely different story for the masses than what it portrays in its trailers.


Recently, SciFiNow Magazine’s new issue featuring the Justice League gang on the cover (excluding Superman, of course) made its way to the internet thanks to Twitter user Faheem. But what’s more interesting are the scans of the feature piece containing large parts of conversations with the cast members.

At one point, Ezra Miller shares his experience working with Joss Whedon after Zack Snyder’s departure from the project. Going by his comment, it looks like the actor may have teasingly hinted a possible twist in the film’s theme by adapting “Crisis On Infinite Earths” story from DC Comics.

“In a crisis on infinite earths type of situation we are in, I think it was really beautiful to watch people and artists coming together to support each other in tough times and I think one of the most beautiful things you can do is to help to bring another artist’s work to fruition at the time when another needs to step down,” he explains. “I thought that was really beautiful watching it. It’s kind of the plot of our film in some ways and the theme, in times that are dire and facing each other and trusting each other and each other’s talents and abilities.”

Some fans may find this to be a stretch. But the recent final trailer also brought up the conversation due to the red skies. It is possible that certain elements from the Marv Wolfman’s ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ could have been used in the film.

For those unaware, ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ was a 12 issue mini-series which rebooted the universe. It resolved the issues with its continuity. If the film has adapted ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’,  it questions what fans are in still with the DCEU-post Justice League.

An article by CInemaBlend from earlier this week also discussed the possibility of the film adapting the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ story without going full-blown with the adaptation. Furthermore, the hint coming from The Flash himself makes it more likely. but nothing is certain and fans are advised to take this with a grain of salt.

Readers can check out other parts of the interview from the scans embedded below (Gallery). It contains conversations with Ben Affleck talking about The Batman’s tone, humor, costume and similarily with other casts such as Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher as well.

Source: SciFiNow Magazine




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