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Justice League Fan Art Shows A Very Intimidating Darkseid On Earth

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Justice League Fan Art Shows A Very Intimidating Darkseid On Earth

Justice League is this year’s highly anticipated DC project. The heroes will be coming together for the first time to fight an adversary who could prove to be powerful for all of them combined.

However, fans should note that the main villain of Justice League is just a step toward a much bigger and the most feared DC villain ever. This supervillain who is expected to show up in the future recently was imagined in a fan art for the movie.

The artists responsible for the fan art have imagined the supervillain just the way he is supposed to be when he will debut in the DCEU. reported that the artist by the name BossLogic and Kingsletter collaborated and created three different fan arts for the movie Justice League. These fan arts are posted on BossLogic’s Instagram account as well as one of them is on Kingsletter’s Instagram account.

What is fascinating to know is that these fan arts do not have the main villain Steppenwolf on the posters but in fact has DC’s big bad Darkseid looking absolutely intimidating. The way he has been imagined, it tends to go with how he should look like in the cinematic universe.

One fan art imagines the Knightmare scene that was seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ben Affleck’s Batman can be seen in his Knightmare costume, and looking at him is a giant Darkseid along with his Parademons.

The second fan art is similar to that. Only in this one, Superman can be seen hovering in the air and looking at Darkseid. Going by the scene, Superman is perhaps the only one surviving in a world that has been destroyed by the supervillain.

The fascinating thing about that is the fan art symbolizes what the Man of Steel stands for and that is hope. Finally, the last fan art is a mix of both the fan arts and sees the dynamic duo facing the supervillain.

Given the way the fan art has been made, it looks like it could become a reality in the DCEU since Darkseid is expected to debut in the cinematic universe with Justice League 2 though no confirmation has been made yet.

But before Darkseid can make an appearance in the DCEU, WB/DC will have to cast an appropriate actor in the role. Some names like Ron Perlman, Jeff Bridges have been suggested for the role but someone like Kevin Grevioux could perfectly suit the role given his physique and intimidating on-screen presence.

Justice League will see Batman and Wonder Woman putting together a team of metahumans that will fight and protect the world from the invading forces of Steppenwolf. The movie will release on Nov. 17 this year.

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