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‘Justice League’: Julian Lewis Jones Reveals Mysterious Role In Film

Still of Julian Lewis Jones

‘Justice League’: Julian Lewis Jones Reveals Mysterious Role In Film

Earlier last summer, Julian Lewis Jones was cast to play a mysterious role in Justice League which was kept under wraps until today. Finally, the actor himself has decided to reveal the character he portrays in the film.

Initially, some fans were able to play detective and uncover Jones’ role in Justice League thanks to a photo shared by Zack Snyder. The BTS image featured a group of actors dressed up in costumes as Atlantians, Amazonians and human warriors. Surprisingly, the 49-year-old Welsh actor was also spotted wearing a suit, standing beside the director.

A Fan on Twitter was quick at spotting Jones and speculates that he could be playing an Atlantian known as Atlan in the DC Universe. While it’s still not confirmed, we do know that the character is of royalty.

Jones shared a close-up of the BTS photo uploaded by Snyder on Vero.  Fans can note that the armor worn by the actor is quite similar to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Furthermore, he’s also shown holding a trident and a crown that confirms that he comes from a royal Atlantian family. Fans can check out the photo below.

It also seems like this scene could be part of the flashback prologue from Justice League. The amount of screen presence for Jones’s Atlantian role remains unknown as of now.

Justice League hits the big screen on November 17th this year. The Film’s early tracking reports are also expected to good for the film going by early buzz.

Promotions online and offline have been high for the film as Warner Bros. and AT&T have patterned together for a special form of marketing of its characters from the film.

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