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Justice League: Karen Bryson Could Be Cast As Cyborg’s Mother

Still of Cyborg from Justice League trailer

Justice League: Karen Bryson Could Be Cast As Cyborg’s Mother

Justice League is one of this year’s highly anticipated movies. The DC ensemble will bring its DC heroes together along with important characters from each of the superhero’s respective universes.

One such important character that is rumored to appear is Cyborg a.k.a Victor Stone’s mother Elinor Stone. She holds a very important place in Cyborg’s story and seems like will have a role to play in Justice League as well.

This casting rumor comes from IMDb, which has mentioned Karen Bryson playing the role of Elinor in the ensemble, which is currently in post-production. A previous report had hinted that the movie would be exploring more of Cyborg’s story in the ensemble and it seems the report could be true.

By adding Elinor in the movie, fans will get to see the entire Stone family and not just the stained father-son equation between Dr. Silas and Victor that many are expecting.

As mentioned above Elinor plays a very important role in Cyborg’s story. She is the wife of Dr. Silas Stone and a brilliant scientist who works at S.T.A.R labs. [Minor spoiler, skip the line if you don’t follow the comics/DCAU]She was however killed in the unfortunate lab accident that eventually resulted in Cyborg’s creation.

In Batman v Superman, Fans have already seen Dr. Silas accessing the motherbox and fusing it with a badly injured Victor’s body in order to save him. But if Elinor’s death is also incorporated in the movie, it would land more depth to the scene as fans will see a man in Dr. Silas who just lost his wife and is doing everything to not lose his son as well.

Bryson’s character will also by default become hugely relevant in the movie, as it will help fans see what was Victor’s background before he became one of the founding members of the League in DCEU.

His cold equation with his parents will also determine whether he will get close with any other heroes in the League or continue to be formal with everyone and simply do his job as a hero.

Since he and Flash are almost of the same age in DCEU, chances are the two of them will bond later on when the danger is averted. It remains to be seen what kind of role does Bryson play and whether she is really in the movie or not.

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17. The film still seems to be undergoing reshoots under Joss Whedon.




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