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‘Justice League’: The Flash Gets Rookie Instructions From The Batman In New Clip

Still of The Flash from Justice League trailer

‘Justice League’: The Flash Gets Rookie Instructions From The Batman In New Clip

In celebration of The Flash week as part of the Justice League marketing, AT&T has released an exclusive first look at the speedster played by Ezra Miller. The video contains glimpses of new scenes from the film and conversations between The Flash and The Batman.

The video also contains feature commentary from Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck along with Miller who goes on to explain his character’s abilities and personality in Justice League. As usual, The Man of Steel is once again missing in action.

The video gives a deeper insight into the Justice League. It also features an extended scene of a humorous moment between The Flash and The Batman inside the Gotham ventilation tower.

We get a hint of The Flash being overwhelmed by the situation and states, “It’s really cool you guys are ready to do battle and stuff but I have never done battle. I’ve just pushed people and run away.” Fortunately, The Batman gives the speedster some rookie instructions to help the group and keep himself safe from chaos as well. Fans can check it out in the video below.

The Flash is the youngest member of the Justice League. The character is an “Eccentric outcast”. The video teases the character’s humoristic personality in the film. Furthermore, fans would be glad to know that few of his funny on-screen moments are shared along with The Batman.

Justice League hits the big screen on November 17th. More promos are expected as the studio will go on to release feature commentary for other characters such as The Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. It is still not known if the Man of Steel would also be a part of it.

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