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‘Justice League’: New Details Explain Why Joss Whedon Has Writer Credit

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‘Justice League’: New Details Explain Why Joss Whedon Has Writer Credit

Earlier, an official press release from Warner Bros. confirmed that Joss Whedon has been given screen credits for his work on Justice League. The director was credited with a screenplay title along with Chris Terrio.

While Whedon didn’t receive credits as a director, the news still received backlash from fans. Moreover, a tweet by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld stating the film to be Whedon’s added more fuel to the fire.

Recently on Superhero News’ video podcast, Forbes Contributor Mark Hughes shed some light on Joss Whedon’s contribution to Justice League. Going by his knowledge over the project, it looks like the Avengers director deserves every bit of the title he has been granted.

According to what Hughes heard, Whedon roughly did over 2 dozen pages of new materials and rewrite on Justice League. Furthermore, several scenes were also cut out from the film.

In total, Whedon engaged in writing new scenes, rewrites and deleted some parts from the film. Since Zack Snyder’s departure from the project, Whedon has contributed a lot to perfect the film for its scheduled release.

The video reminds the masses that Whedon’s part of contribution didn’t change nearly half of the film. However, the director did do his part at adding more dialogues and was also chosen by Snyder himself to helm the project and assure that the movie releases without any delay.

Fans must also remember that it was the Writers Guild of America (WGA) that granted him with a screenplay credit. Furthermore, the film still remains to be Snyder’s project. But it won’t change the fact that Whedon will go on to work on the final edit and be part of it until its release. Readers can check out the podcast below and read some Hughes’ tweet to know more.

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