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‘Justice League’: Funko Toy Teases Mera’s Stunning New Costume

First look at Amber Heard As Mera From Justice League (Captured by Clay Enos)

‘Justice League’: Funko Toy Teases Mera’s Stunning New Costume

Justice League is DC’s major movie this year. It is the first ensemble from the WB/DC camp as it looks forward to bring together the superhero team. This movie will be introducing a lot of characters including a major one from the Aquaman-verse.

Fans will see Amber Heard playing the role of Mera, who is known as the Queen of Atlantis and Aquaman’s better-half. She will have a small role in the movie before appearing in a major one in Aquaman.

Just recently a new toy has revealed a new look at the character, which will perhaps be seen in the ensemble movie. reported that a new Funko toy of Heard’s character Mera was revealed recently. Going by the looks of the costume, it is slightly different than what was revealed some months back.

It is not the usual green colored costume that Heard has been sporting but rather a red colored body suit. While it is not known if Mera will be wearing the red costume in the ensemble or not, it could also be from her appearance in the solo movie, Aquaman.

Usually, when these toys reveal these costumes, they tend to hint at them appearing in the movie. Since this has been revealed as a part of Justice League merchandise, Heard could be seen wearing this costume in a major scene.

Maybe she will show up to assist the League in the final battle and since she is a really powerful metahuman, she will be able to contribute majorly in defeating Steppenwolf.

Mera has already appeared in one of the Justice League trailers and in it, she can be seen manipulating water while wearing an Atlantean armor. This scene could be right before Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis and grabs the Motherbox kept there.

Apart from this she also has a major role in the solo Aquaman movie, which is reportedly set after the events of the ensemble. Some set photos from Australia have revealed Heard and Jason Momoa filming scenes together.

Justice League will see heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg come together for the first time to protect the world from Steppenwolf and his Parademons.

Some reshoots were ordered for the movie and Joss Whedon has been overseeing the production after Zack Snyder’s exit. The movie will release this year on Nov. 17.

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