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‘Justice League’: Ray Fisher Talks Cyborg, Says Character Is ‘Super Deep’

Still of Cyborg from Justice League/Courtesy to Warner Bros.

‘Justice League’: Ray Fisher Talks Cyborg, Says Character Is ‘Super Deep’

At the recent Justice League press conference in London where the entire casts of the film were present, Ray Fisher who plays Cyborg in the film spoke in detail about the depth of his character when asked about the changing approach of himself through the film.

Justice League is all set to hit the theaters next week and the entire cast and crew are busy promoting the film. The members at the London press conference included producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder, and actors Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill. At the press meet, it was revealed how the stars built the team, what to expect from the newest members as well as the movie.

Soon after Jason Momoa, Mark Hughes from Superhero News posed his question to Ray Fisher and remarked that he (Cyborg) is the only one that perceives his powers as a curse and asked him how Fisher approached Victor Stone’s (Cyborg) changing approach of himself through the film. Fisher began with explaining the nature of Victor. He said, “I think in a lot of ways, Cyborg is super reluctant to join the team because of the trauma that he had due to the accident he had and the fact that he cannot live a normal life the way that these other members can (pointing to the other superhero cast). He can’t take off his costume and just walk the streets in a super identity. He is both Victor Stone and Cyborg 24/7. So bouncing that duality within oneself was a very interesting process.”

“In an earlier interview, Actor Joe Morton who plays as Cyborg’s father also shared some details about how the character’s traumatic transformation affects him. It would be interesting to see how the character develops after Justice League”

Fisher then added that he had a lot of “lead up time” to talk and understand the character from scriptwriter Christopher Priest, Zack Snyder and others. Speaking about the depth in Victor Stone aka Cyborg, Ray said, “It was a three year process from start to finish with this film which was absolutely necessary because the character is super deep and I think him being able to put the negative notions aside about himself and his powers is sort of what all this is about…to be able to become a part of the team, the way he once was when he was an American football player. So, hope it resonates with fans.”

Justice League will release in theaters on November 17. Check out what Ray Fisher had to say about the depth of his character Cyborg at 4:46 seconds in the video below:

Source: Justice League Press Conference




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