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More Justice League Reshoots Set Photo Reveal Props From Gotham City

More Justice League Reshoots Set Photo Reveal Props From Gotham City

Earlier on Tuesday, fans were presented with the first visual update on the Justice League reshoots. Several photos from the set hinted that Director Joss Whedon and the team could be filming flashback scenes for the DC Film. However, the images seemed too vague to speculate further.

Fortunately, Batman Notes was once again able to get more photos from the set. But this time, the images are upfront and reveal more details regarding the scenes that are in production at Cardington, England.

The first image shows a skeleton gargoyle-type prop on the set. For those unaware, the statue was earlier first revealed in Justice League teaser trailer.  The Batman was shown standing on it moments after Commissioner Gordon signaled him.

The next photo reveals a taxi from Gotham City. There’s no doubt that the vehicle is from Wayne’s side of town as there’s a bold sticker on the car indicating it’s from Gotham. Fans can check out both images shared by Batman Notes below.

These set photos seem to suggest that Director Whedon and his team are filming scenes related with Gotham and most likely involving The Batman as well.

To add more credibility to our speculation, Batman Notes’s sources also said that Ben Affleck was seen in the filming location. If true, it confirms that the reshoots also involve extra scenes of Bruce Wayne or The Dark Knight.

By far, it looks like the reshoots involve filming of flashback sequences and other scenes possibly involving the Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and The Batman. However, readers are suggested to take the news with a grain of salt.

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SOURCE: Batman Notes




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