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Justice League Reshoots Set Photos Hint Flashback Scene Filming

Justice League Reshoots Set Photos Hint Flashback Scene Filming

Earlier this month, Director Joss Whedon began with the Justice League reshoots in London. It was revealed that the filming was extensive and could possibly go on till August. Finally, we have some visual update to get an idea of the scenes that are being produced under the new director.

Batman Notes captured some photos of the set at the Cardington Sheds in Bedfordshire. By the looks of it, it seems like Whedon and his crew would be filming flashback scenes for Justice League. Furthermore, the sequences could possibly be connected with Wonder Woman.

While all the photos contain vintage elements such as old cars and bus, one of the images shows an old German airplane. This suggests that we may get to see more Wonder Woman’s past involving the Germans.

Fans can check out some of the photos below. The set images are shared for reader’s purpose. All credits go to Batman Notes.

The official Justice League debut trailer earlier confirmed that fans can expect flashback scenes involving the Amazonians. In a recent interview, Actress Connie Nielsen also revealed that her character Queen Atlanna and Robin Wright’s Hippolyta had the opportunity to explore their roles more in Justice League.

The reshoots could possibly involve more than just filming of flashback scenes. Henry Cavill also teasingly revealed that he is part of the shooting with Whedon in an earlier photo shared on Instagram.

While the reshoots seem to be important for the film, fans can rest assured that it won’t affect its upcoming release this year in November. The decision to bring in director Whedon seemed to have been to avoid any delays.

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