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‘Justice League’: Second Post-Credit Scene Explained!

Stills from JL/Courtesy to Warner Bros.

‘Justice League’: Second Post-Credit Scene Explained!

Finally, Justice League is out worldwide and it’s safe to say that the film’s much anticipated post-credit scenes are good enough to jump on the hype engine. Readers are warned that the below post contains spoilers from the film.

The first post-credit scene features The Flash and Superman racing each other to find out who is the fastest man alive. The sequence is indeed a treat for fans and it gives a glimpse at the light-hearted approach the audience can expect in future DCEU titles.

The second post-credit scene offers quite a few details for fans to process. For starters, Lex Luthor has managed to break out of what seems like Arkham Asylum.  A breakdown of an earlier trailer also suggested that villain is locked up in the mental asylum.

The next scene would have made fans sigh in relief and jump in excitement. We finally get the first look at Deathstroke played by Joe Manganiello. As expected, the actor is indeed the perfect cast to play the comic book character.

Deathstroke seems to have gotten an invitation right from Lex Luthor. However, it doesn’t look like the mastermind villain is about to offer him a contract, instead, an alliance. The scene confirms that Lex is attempting to put together his very own supervillain team.

Fans that have read the comics and watched Justice League animated series would be well aware that this supervillain team is called as the ‘Secret Society’.  However, it could be a different case in the DCEU.

It would be interesting to see Warner Bros. take a different turn with the Justice League sequel. A battle between the league and the secret society would mean that fans won’t get to see Darkseid for a while. But that will give the studio a chance to explore its other earth-based villains rather than go with a similar alien approach like Marvel.

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