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Justice League Snapchat Ad Includes New Scene & Hilarious Dialogue

Justice League Snapchat Ad Includes New Scene & Hilarious Dialogue

Last week on Saturday, Warner Bros. revealed a 4-minute long trailer from Justice League. While fans would have expected the next new footage to drop at NYCC, the studio seems to have already begun its marketing for the film.

A small new footage and dialogue exchange was just shared as a new advert by Warner Bros. on Snapchat (hat tip to Batman-News for pointing it out on Twitter). The ad reveals the Justice League members going inside the Batcave. “Brought some friends,” says The Batman to Alfred.

The video is a mash-up of the scenes that we have already seen in the earlier Justice League trailers. But in the end, Aquaman exchanges a dialogue with Alfred, similar to the scene from trailer 2 when Cyborg takes over the Nightcrawler and says, “Relax Alfred, I’ll take it from here.” To which Alfred replies, “Do I know you?.”

In the new Snapchat ad, Aquaman says, “Badass Alfred,” the butler has the same hilarious reply to the Atlantian. Fans can check it out below.

It looks like the new changes have been hard on Alfred in Justice League. Although The Butler was used to taking on “exploding wind up penguins,” this is possibly his first experience teaming up with superheroes that are metahumans, unlike The Batman.

In an earlier interview with IGN, Jeremy Irons who plays as Alfred spoke about his role in the film. The 68-year-old actor stated that “I’m not sure in Justice League we’ll see that much of him.” However, going by the recent trailer, it looks like his small appearance also has a role to play.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th this year. Currently, the film is undergoing extensive reshoots under director Joss Whedon. A recent report revealed that the studio has spent over $25 million for the additional photography.

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