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Justice League Snyder Cut Gets Spotlight At Comic-Con Thanks To Fans

Still of Superman from Justice League deleted scene

Justice League Snyder Cut Gets Spotlight At Comic-Con Thanks To Fans

It looks like the campaign for the release of Snyder’s cut of Justice League just received a huge spotlight thanks to its fandom. Billboards and other forms of ads in support of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut have been spotted in San Diego to promote the campaign during the upcoming Comic-con International.

Fans have shared several images of the ads on sidewalks, bus stops and huge billboards on Twitter and the hashtag movement has received another boost as San Diego Comic-Con closes in. The money for the Justice League Snyder Cut’s promotion was reportedly raised by fans and 50% of its collection will go to a Suicide Prevention Foundation. You can check out the images below.

Fans will also be seen wearing t-shirts to support the campaign and some attendees in support of the campaign are likely to ask questions regarding the Justice League Snyder Cut during DC and Warner Bros. event.

The campaign has continued to receive support from fans all over the world and some are comparing the movement to Richard Donner’s cut of Superman II which was eventually released after pressure from fans but only after a period of 2o years.

To provide some context behind the movement, Justice League is considered to be an incomplete version of the movie which was completed by director Joss Whedon instead of its original director Zack Snyder who unfortunately had to depart from completing the movie after the tragic demise of his daughter. Justice League’s release in 2017 was met with disappointment and rumors began that the reshoots under Whedon changed the movie entirely and many scenes were left in the editing room and some with incomplete VFX.

Fans are hoping that with the hiring of Ann Sarnoff as Warner Bros. new CEO and the first woman in the studios’ history to hold a position to helm the company could possibly come in support of the Snyder Cut campaign. Even Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has once again shown his support for the Justice League Snyder cut movement and has demanded its release.

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JL: Snyder Cut promotion in SDCC has started. Money was raised by fans (50% goes to Foundation for Suicide Prevention). There’s a bus stop with Justice League themed art and quotes from people who worked on the movie (photo by Will Rowlands). from DC_Cinematic




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