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Justice League Storyboard Artist Praises Ben Affleck’s The Batman Script

Still from Justice League Comic-Con trailer

Justice League Storyboard Artist Praises Ben Affleck’s The Batman Script

After starring as Batman in Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad and in Justice League, actor Ben Affleck was attached to direct, write, and star in a solo Batman movie. But, later on, Affleck decided to drop out of writing to focus on directing, and then eventually he stepped away from directorial duties to concentrate on what he is already good at, acting. The Batman film is now in the hands of Matt Reeves who is writing as well as directing the film.

DCEU storyboard artist Jay Oliva, who has a long history with DC animated projects, recently got involved in a conversation on Twitter about Ben Affleck’s The Batman script.

When a Twitter user said that the actor never had a story or script for the film, Oliva replied saying that Affleck’s script was the best ever Batman script he had ever read.

The original Affleck script was the best Batman script I’ve ever read,” Oliva noted. “Ben had a kick-ass story and I believe that the audience and fans would have loved it.”

Well, now there’s no point discussing over the script as it also falls in line with Zack Snyder cut of Justice League which is something that fans might never get to see.

Director Matt Reeves recently revealed that he is currently drafting The Batman script and it is likely to get completed in the next couple of weeks. As far as the film’s production and filming are concerned, it is likely to go on floors soon, probably in the spring or early summer of 2019.

It is rumored that Reeves’ film will focus on a younger dark knight. If it is true then Affleck’s return on the big screen wearing the cape and cowl seems pretty unlikely. At this point, the fanbase seems to be more concerned over Affleck’s rehab rather than have him reprise the caped crusader. Furthermore, there are also reports stating the actor’s high post-rehab insurance costs might even force the makers to look for a new actor to take on the role.

Source: Jay Oliva 




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