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‘Justice League’ TV Spot Shows Batman Building An Alliance To Fight

Screenshot of Justice League Coming TV Spot

‘Justice League’ TV Spot Shows Batman Building An Alliance To Fight

Earlier this Sunday, Warner Bros. dominated social media with its final trailer for Justice League. Today, we have a new TV spot with some new scene compiled with the footages from earlier trailers.

The TV spot titled ‘Coming’ shows The Batman building an alliance to fight a greater threat (cue Steppenwolf). “I need warriors,” says Bruce Wayne.

The first shot shows the almost ‘All In’ superheroes suited up for battle. By the looks of it, the team seems to be approaching the Flying Fox for transportation.

In the end, the footage hints that the Wonder Woman scene involving a hostage situation has more to it. It looks like Alfred was in her ears, aiding her in rescuing the hostages.

Some part of the footage also shows a flashback scene from the time the Earth’s forces stood against Apokolips’ army. Earlier trailers showed the Amazonians taking on the Parademons.

The TV spot shows humans joining the battle as well.  As usual, The Man of Steel is once again missing in action after his brief appearance in a dream sequence from the final trailer. Fans can check out the TV spot below.

Justice League brings together The Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash and Man of Steel to fight a dangerous force that once tried to invade Earth. The group of metas must come together to stop this newly awakened threat.

Justice League hits theatres on November 17th this year. Promotions are high for the film on social media with promos advertising its special camera effects and more. Earlier last week, Warner Bros. and AT&T also transformed 3 Time Square with The Dark Knight’s Batmobile, costumes worn by the heroes and more.

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