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Justice League VR Experience Lets You Play As The Batman & Others

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Justice League VR Experience Lets You Play As The Batman & Others

Justice League is one of this year’s highly anticipated movies. The DC ensemble project will unite DC heroes as they come together to fight Steppenwolf. Now before the release of the movie, the studio is offering DC fans a chance to experience what it means to be a superhero.

A new update has revealed that WB/DC has announced Justice League VR: The Complete Experience, which gives fans a chance to become part of the superhero line-up from the movie.

There will be multiple stages of this virtual reality experience. One will be prior, one will be during and one will be post the release of the movie. In the beginning, fans will get a chance to be Batman and start recruiting other metahumans who will come together and save the world from the threat.

The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android from the App store and Google Play store. It is being said that fans will get 90 seconds of gameplay and would require an equivalent VR viewer to play.

Once this is done with, next month New York Comic Con will see attendees getting a sneak peek of the HTC version of the experience. Officially titled Justice League VR: Join the League- New York Comic Con Edition, fans will have access to enhanced version of superhero simulations. This experience will be held at the Javits center from October 5-8.

There will also be one more phase of this, which will coincide with the movie’s release date on Nov. 17. It is being called the IMAX VR: Justice League experience. This will be unveiled at IMAX Virtual Reality centers and will last for two weeks.

Finally, post the release of the movie; Justice League Virtual Reality: The Complete Experience will be unveiled in December. This will be available on multiple VR platforms for purchase and will feature additional modes and bigger missions.

Currently, some reshoots for the movie have been going on, which also might last throughout September. An official trailer and comic-con look was also revealed some time back and since then has generated quite the buzz for the movie.

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17.

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