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‘Justice League’: Watch Superman & The Flash Race Post Credit Scene

Screenshot from The Flash vs Superman Race Mid Credits Scene Justice League/ Warner Bros

‘Justice League’: Watch Superman & The Flash Race Post Credit Scene

After releasing the DCEU film, Justice League, on Digital HD, Warner Bros. has now rolled out online the mid- and post-credits sequences from the movie.

Justice League‘s mid-credits scenes were filmed by Joss Whedon, while the post-credits scene was filmed by Zack Snyder. It was previously reported that Snyder exited Justice League late in the post-production stage voluntarily. But, as per new reports, Snyder was asked to step down from the director’s chair, months before he shared the news that he has left the project to deal with the personal matters after the death of his daughter. After Snyder’s exit, Joss Whedon was reportedly handed over the directorial task of the film.

Talking about the mid and post-credits sequences, one of the scenes teased about a potential future threat to the League, while the other gave comic book fans a live-action recreation of a particular comic book scene.

The mid-credits scene shows a race between Superman (Henry Cavill) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) and that’s an attempt to recreate an iconic moment from the comics. In the post-credit scene, which sets a base for the next Justice League film, a newly-escaped Lex Luthor invites Deathstroke to join the Legion of Doom, thus setting up a potential supervillain team-up in the future to battle the Justice League heroes.

Warner Bros. and DC have also released a special Justice League video clip that focusses on the “bromance” between Batman and Superman. The film’s star cast includes Ben Affleck playing Batman, Henry Cavill playing Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Ezra Miller as Flash, and Jason Momoa as Aquaman in leading roles.
You can check out Justice League mid- and post-credits scenes below. The film will be released for 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, and DVD on March 13, 2018.

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