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Justice League: Zack Snyder Hints Backstory Of Young Darkseid’s Search For A Weapon

Darkseid from DC Comics

Justice League: Zack Snyder Hints Backstory Of Young Darkseid’s Search For A Weapon

A new Justice League concept art shows a young Darkseid’s first attempt to conquer Earth from Zack Snyder’s original “history lesson” flashback sequence in the film. The concept art shows Darkseid on the battlefield of ancient Earth holding a massive scepter-like weapon in his hands.

The flashback scene in question appears in the film when Diana explains the Mother Boxes to Bruce. It was originally intended to serve as the film’s prologue. The scene dated back thousands of years ago when the armies of man, Atlantis, and the Amazons combined forces to repel Steppenwolf from conquering the Earth using his Mother Boxes.

Recently, some new images uncovered by DC Films Hub in collaboration with Screen Rant showed a mural in the shrine from a deleted scene involving Wonder Woman. The drawings depict the Amazons, Atlanteans, and Men uniting to defeat the invaders from Apokolips. Fans were quick enough to spot a dark figure resembling Darkseid standing over a circle of fire in the drawings.

A Twitter user who goes by the username @MehToAll found a connection between the mural art and a previous Justice League concept art. So, he placed the two pictures side by side to show a young version of Darkseid at the center of the war. You can check out the picture below.

Snyder has now revealed on Vero (via Reddit) that Darkseid was in fact “searching for something that would make him unbeatable.” It is possible that he was in search of the Anti-life or the Omega effect.

Notably, Snyder had almost shot the entire Justice League film before he exited the project due to his daughter’s death. The film then went into the hands of Joss Whedon who reshot a major portion of the film which tweaked Snyder’s original plans. Snyder’s original vision for Justice League has always been in demand by fans which the director often throws light on to through his official Vero account.

The latest concept art confirms that Snyder had a much bigger DC Movie Universe story arc in mind,  one which could have delved deeper into the backstory of Darkseid.

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