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Karan Soni’s Dopinder Gets More Screen Time In ‘Deadpool 2’, Details

Karan Soni as Dopinder from Deadpool

Karan Soni’s Dopinder Gets More Screen Time In ‘Deadpool 2’, Details

Fox’s upcoming Deadpool 2 looks promising going by the set photos and clips from their time filming in Vancouver. But does the sequel contain more comedy moments similar to the original movie? Fortunately, it looks like we are in for more humor and audience may have Karan Soni to thank for it.

Recently, IANS was able to catch up with Soni for an interview to discuss the sequel and his part in the film. Going by his comments, it’s safe to say that fans will get to see more of Dopinder in Deadpool 2.

“I can’t say that (about what to expect from the film) because I don’t want to tell you the story. We are half-way done. I will say (that my role in Deadpool 2) is way more than the first one. So, that is very exciting,” said Karan.

Soni also pointed out that the time he got to spend filming Deadpool 2 has been more than the original film. It suggests that there are plans to include more scenes of Dopinder and possibly more funny moments with the Merc with a mouth.

“In the first movie, I worked on it for three weeks and for this movie I am working for about seven or eight weeks. It is almost like double the amount of time I am spending on the sets,” he added.

The actor has also teased that the sequel’s storyline isn’t anything like what he expected. Furthermore, going by his comment, it may surprise the fans as well.

“The storyline is so different from what anyone can imagine. Even I was shocked and couldn’t believe that I am getting to do all these things. I think my character is also kind of shocked that he is getting to do all those things.”

Thanks to some of the set clips and photos, we have been able to confirm several new introductions in Deadpool 2 such as the Mutant hunters, Madelyn Pryor’s Easter egg and more.

Deadpool 2 is set to hit the big screens on June 1st, 2018. Filming has currently halted but there may be more production that needs to be carried out before the sequel goes into post-production.

Correction: An earlier version of the article stated the wrong source as the original report. it has since been corrected.

Source: IANS via News18




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