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Kevin Conroy, The Batman

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Kevin Conroy Dodged A Jaywalking Ticket Doing The Batman Voice

Still of Kevin Conroy from Comic-Con/Photo from Candice (Dunlap) Miller's Flickr/ CC by 2.0

Kevin Conroy Dodged A Jaywalking Ticket Doing The Batman Voice

Kevin Conroy has been lending his voice to portray Bruce Wayne/ The Batman since the 90s. Quite recently, the voice actor once again brought the Dark Knight to life in Batman and Harley Quinn.

Recently, In Empire’s October issue, a short review of Batman and Harley Quinn also contained conversations with Conroy. Embracing his 25th anniversary, the voice actor discussed some of his events from his early life.

Initially, Conroy shared his recent hilarious encounter with a fan in New York. It looks like voicing The Batman for more than a decade has its perks. Here’s what he had to say.

“A cop car put its siren on as I was crossing the street,” recalls Conroy. “I thought, ‘Oh man, am I going to get a jaywalking ticket?’ Then a cop leans out the window and goes, ‘We want a picture of a Batman! Come on, Batman! Did I do the voice?, ‘Please, officer, don’t give me a ticket!’”

In the past, voice actors were hardly recognized by fans unless they used one of their famous lines. “But because of the internet, everybody now recognises everybody,” said Conroy. “Faces are no longer anonymous.”

Conroy also spoke about the time when he audition to voice the Caped Crusader but had no idea about the character. Fortunately, a one line explanation from Bruce Timm was all that he needed to find his voice.

“I was a New York stage actor,” explained Conroy. “I only knew the Adam West show, ‘Zap! Pow! Bam!’ Bruce Timm [co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series] told me that Batman’s parents were murdered in front of him. That changed everything. I approached it as a classic, tragic character and went to the deepest, darkest place I could find in my voice. I’ve continued to approach it that way.”

To this day, Conroy’s iconic voice for The Batman cannot be replaced by any other voice actors. Fortunately, it doesn’t look the 61-year-old plans on retiring anytime soon. Not unless he gets to voice the character once again along with Mark Hamill for “Hush” and “A Death in the Family” DC animated movie adapted right from the comics.

To read the entire piece, download Empire’s October issue. Fans can hear Conroy’s iconic voice as the caped crusader in Batman and Harley Quinn. The animated film is out on DVD, Blu-ray and for download on Digital HD.

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