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Kevin Feige Talks What’s Next After Avengers 4 Film, Hints A “New Thing” After Phase 3

Kevin Feige Talks What’s Next After Avengers 4 Film, Hints A “New Thing” After Phase 3

Currently, Marvel Studios is looking to close Phase 3 with a successful release of Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers untitled in 2019. But what would be the studios’ next move? President Kevin Feige seems to already have the answer.

Recently, Feige was interviewed by Collider’s Steve Weintraub during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s press day. During their chat, the Marvel Studios President was willing to discuss and share some of the ideas and plans for the upcoming MCU movies.

While the entire interview gave an insight into Marvel’s plan with Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, Adam Warlock Spin-off and more- one Q&A stood out of the most and hinted what could be the next step for the studio after Phase 3.

Weintraub questioned Feige about his plans after the Avengers Untitled as a few actors are close to the expiration of their contracts. Moreover, he asked if whether the possible death of a character and other changes are “factoring in with contracts?”

“it really does right now all start with where we want to take the stories, and certainly as we get to Infinity War there’s a sense of a climax and if not a conclusion to, by the time we’re at Untitled, the 22 movies that will have encompassed the first three phases of the MCU. And what happens after that will be very different. I don’t know if it’s phase four. It might be a new thing.”

Going by Feige’s reply, it looks like Marvel Studios might have plans to stir the cinematic universe in a different direction with new characters taking on the mantle from currently existing superheroes. Rumors and speculations have already suggested that the Winter Solider might be the next Captain America. Perhaps, Phase four would be the start of a “new thing” with new superheroes teaming up with the existing and surviving superheroes. Currently, it is a waiting game and we will find the answer in the upcoming movies.

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