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Kevin Smith to screen Schumacher Cut of Batman Forever for free, here’s when & where to watch in July and August, details

Kevin Smith to screen Schumacher Cut of Batman Forever for free, here’s when & where to watch in July and August, details

While Batman Forever‘s Schumacher Cut is yet to receive its own Snyder Cut-Esque release, Kevin Smith has come in the clutch to organize a screening of the original assembly edition for free. The roughly 2 and half hour long feature is apparently in good shape for viewing and opens with a grim sequence of Two-Face escaping Arkham and the words, “The Bat Must Die” are shown. But Bruce Wayne does not suit up in the first 15 minutes into the movie.

Earlier this month, Kevin Smith revealed he had seen the Batman Forever Schumacher Cut and was in possession of it. Since then, the #releasetheSchumacherCut supporters have been hoping to learn more details on the original version of Batman Forever in his future podcasts Fat Man Beyond.

UPDATE: The earlier version of the report missed to include quotes of Kevin Smith announcing that audiences taking part in the July 1st screening of Bears Driving: the Clerks cartoon marathon, “if your there, once we’re done. at midnight, maybe we’ll watch a movie, for free [a still of Tommy Lee Jones’s Two-Face pops on the screen]. I ain’t charging, so if your there, you stay afterward. We’ll watch a movie.”

Smith later added that on August 25th, after the Fatman Beyond event at Smodcastle cinema, “Once our show is done, if you stick around, we’re gonna watch something else. I’m not gonna say what it is but it’s probably the Schumacher cut of Batman Forever. Not charging for it so I don’t wanna hear sh*t from Warner Bros.” Watch the podcast from 1:48:09. 

In the latest episode, the Clerks 3 director went into detail on how he acquired the Schumacher Cut through one of his fans Joe Black. Smith explained that Warner Bros. test-screened the darker and more serious cut of Batman Forever. The original edition was later pivoted and redubbed with new dialogues to “fun it up”. He also added that Tommy Lee Jones portrayed Two-Face with a serious tone.

Smith noted some of the campy dialogues were not in the assembly Cut. For instance, the opening sequence in the Val Kilmer starrer DC Film starts with a campy tone when the Dark Knight is rescuing the bank guard and the vault begins to flush acid (it was a bait trap). The guard quickly exclaims, “Oh no! It’s boiling acid!”. The goofy scene has been mocked by plenty over the years but the dialogue was “not in the cut at all” says Kevin.

The Man-Bat sequence in the Batcave was also praised by the Clerks filmmaker which showed close-ups of Bruce Wayne and the creature. Though that sequence was released as a deleted scene later on. The Karate laundry scene with Robin is not part of the original cut as well.

When to expect Kevin Smith’s screening of Batman Forever Schumacher Cut

While Warner Bros. has not addressed its plans for its release but fortunately Kevin Smith has decided to organize a free screening of the Schumacher Cut on July 1st & August 25th at SmodCastle Cinema, New Jersey. Attendees will be able to attend it for free. Smith subtly referenced the movie by saying, “We are gonna watch a movie that I don’t own” For more details, readers should keep an eye out on Kevin’s Fat Man Beyond.

Kevin’s support has encouraged the #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut fans to amplify their voice on social media as seen in the reactions below.

Ever since Warner Bros. announced the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, other movements such as the Ayer Cut and Schumacher Cut have also received strong support in hopes the studio would drop it on their streaming service. While David Ayer‘s director edition of Suicide Squad may have some hope in the future – the studio has not responded to fans’ plea to see Joel Schumacher’s original version.

Should DC Studios release the Schumacher Cut on HBO? Let us know in the comments below.




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