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Kingpin fans react to Vincent D’Onofrio confirming his Netflix’s Daredevil portrayal is MCU canon

Kingpin fans react to Vincent D’Onofrio confirming his Netflix’s Daredevil portrayal is MCU canon

Kingpin fans are caught in a conundrum of sorts ever since the Hawkeye finale revealed Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk. However, the series’ cryptic handling of the big bad’s return has everyone wondering if he’s in fact the same character from Netflix’s Daredevil series or a soft reboot for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Warning: Article contains spoilers for Hawkeye episode 6 and Spider-Man: No Way Home

Earlier this month, Marvel Studios finally addressed the involvement of Marvel characters introduced in the fan-favorite Netflix’s Daredevil series. Fans got their first look at Charlie Cox’s return as the blind lawyer helping Peter Parker (Tom Holland) through his identity expose in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And that followed-up with Kingpin’s return in Hawkeye episode 6, after a brief tease in the prior episode. But currently, the entire fandom seems to have only one question in mind: is D’Onofrio playing the same Fisk from Daredevil?

The 62-year-old star recently discussed his return in Hawkeye and although he didn’t outright indicate his character’s portrayal from Daredevil as canon, D’Onofrio assured that Fisk has the same “emotional life” he developed while playing the antagonist in the Netflix show.

Unfortunately, some fans are not convinced with D’Onofrio’s response while others are choosing to remain patient till his potential return, most likely in Disney Plus’ Echo series. Readers can check out some reactions below.

Some also think MCU’s version of Kingpin is a variant

D’Onofrio even pitched in to clear up a fans’ query regarding if Kingpin is from the Daredevil series and not a soft reboot.

While speaking to THR, D’Onofrio also addressed the few add-ons to Kingpin’s nature such as his ability to withstand more punches as well as his newfound brute strength.

“He’s a bit physically stronger than he was. He has more strength and he can take a lot more physical abuse. But in Hawkeye, the thing that will continue to ground him is that he’s based in an emotional foundation. That’s what I think is the key to my portrayal of Fisk. You can do anything you want with him, but his inner self is that of a child and a monster.”

One thing that’s left many puzzled is if Kingpin was a direct victim of the blip or rather lost his power over the city as a result of the blip. Hopefully, the wait won’t be long for the answer to unravel in the upcoming MCU Phase 4 titles.

Hawkeye is currently available to stream on Disney Plus




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