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Syfy’s ‘Krypton’ Could Feature DC Characters Like Omega Man and Green Lantern

Still from Krypton Teaser Trailer/ Syfy

Syfy’s ‘Krypton’ Could Feature DC Characters Like Omega Man and Green Lantern

Syfy’s upcoming series Krypton explores the origin of Superman. The show is set in the world 200 years before the birth of Krypton. In a recent interview, executive producer David S. Goyer revealed that the show may also include other fan-favorite characters such as Green Lantern and Omega Man.

This will be SyFy’s first show based on DC comics and the network is determined to explore the DC Science fiction Universe fully. At the recent Television Critics Association winter press tour, Goyer revealed the future plans for the show and teased the possibility of the appearance of other popular characters. According to the EP, the show may explore life on other planets and other eras.

“The deal with the show is it’s kind of this gateway into the DC science fiction universe,” Goyer said as quoted by Gamespot. “Because also the Phantom Zone figures into this show, it means we can delve into other times and planets eventually.”

“Any of these characters could eventually show up,” DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns added.

According to Goyer, the inclusion of Shaun Sipos character Adam Strange suggests that the show is not just about Krypton but it also explores other times and planets. Strange is a superhero who travels from Earth to protect House of El. This means that fans can expect some unexpected twists in the storyline of the series. It was previously reported that the show may also feature Doomsday and Hawkgirl.

Krypton is a story about the destruction of Superman’s home planet. The superhero’s grandfather, Seg-El, whose House of El was ostracized, fights for his family’s honor.

Recently, the network released a 20-second clip, giving a glimpse of Superman’s planet and its destruction. Scroll down to watch the trailer.

Krypton stars Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod, Ian McElhinney as Val-El (Seg’s grandfather), Elliot Cowan as Daron Vex, Ann Ogbomo as Alura Zod, Rasmus Hardiker as Kem, Wallis Day as Nyssa Vex, and Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em. The series is set to premiere on March 21, 2018.




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