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‘Lead up to Secret Wars’: here’s how Deadpool 3 teases MCU’s Battleworld, TVA’s involvement in rescuing multiverse Marvel characters explained

‘Lead up to Secret Wars’: here’s how Deadpool 3 teases MCU’s Battleworld, TVA’s involvement in rescuing multiverse Marvel characters explained

Marvel Studios appears to be laying the foundation bricks for 2027’s Avengers Secret Wars through Deadpool 3 or at least according to a new insider report. Fortunately for Wolverine fans, Logan (Hugh Jackman) is reportedly one of the multiverse Marvel characters involved in this saga and the reason behind the X-Men member’s participation has the Time Variance Authority all over it.

Avengers Secret Wars is still years away from seeing the light of the day with Marvel Studios yet to zero in on choosing a director to helm the project, which is expected to be a bigger culmination than the Infinity War saga. Nonetheless, Kevin Feige has clearly been working tirelessly behind the scenes to secure actors for the 2027 MCU flick and in the past months – names like Patrick Stewart‘s Professor X, TASM’s Andrew Garfield have been rumored to have received an offer to return as well.

With the SAG-AFTRA & WGA strike yet to be resolved, there have been no vast updates on Avengers 6. However, scooper KC Walsh has offered some insight into why Wolverine is essential for the Secret Wars arc.

Apparently, Marvel’s Phase 6 will introduce the famous Battleworld or as some veteran Marvel comic fans would recall the title, Doomworld. This new Earth is a result of the multiverse incursions and its eventual collapse leading to Doctor Doom creating a massive planet housing all the characters known across the universe.

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While it remains to be seen if Doctor Doom or Kang would be the big-bad revealed to be the ruler of this planet as a God – insider info reveals the TVA is responsible for rescuing heroes from these dying worlds to put them in the one universe.

For context, the universe comes to an end before Secret Wars in the comic storyline. Except for a few such as Reed Richards and his friends who survive the incident through an interdimensional life raft – the world as we know it, is eradicated and the consequences are revealed in the form of Battlworld, a single planet ruled by Doom God.

Interestingly, in Deadpool 3, Logan is chosen by the TVA from the Fox Universe where he also finds an imprisoned Merc with a mouth. The incidents that occur during their imprisonment lead to their adventure in the threequel. Readers can check it out below.

If accurate, it makes sense for Deadpool 3 to be another Multiverse of Madness. However, it is unclear how well it would fare with audiences, especially since many from the fandom have complained over the saturation of multiverse plotlines.

Clearly, Avengers Secret Wars is an ambitious major project and its success would hinge on Marvel Studios’ choice of director. It was revealed Sam Raimi was one of the top choices though other names such as Shawn Levy are being speculated to be a possible candidate too. For now, one can hope Loki season 2 offers some

Secret Wars still remains a mystery but on the bright side, Deadpool 3 may offer the answers when it releases on May 3, 2024, unless Marvel Studios decides to postpone its premiere date.




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