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Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Finale Promo: Team Fight Vikings, Pirates & Romans in Episode 18

Still of Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow Season 3/ The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Finale Promo: Team Fight Vikings, Pirates & Romans in Episode 18

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 finale airs next week and it will be nothing less than epic. Following the big reveal tonight, The CW series will show the Legends battle their biggest and most powerful enemy, Mallus.

In tonight’s episode, Legends were shocked with the return of big bad Damien Darhk. This time, he was here for help. In an attempt to save his daughter Nora, he turned to Legends for help in stopping Mallus. However, he ended up making a big mistake by commanding Grodd to destroy Amaya’s village in order to prevent the rise of Mallus.

Very much in time, the Legends took over and fought Grodd and saved the village by altering the timeline. Unfortunately, the plan took an unexpected turn and they ended up freeing Mallus, finally revealing its true terrifying form.

Next week, in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 finale (episode 18) titled “The Good, The Bad and Cuddly,” the superheroes will be faced with their biggest challenge yet. The CW has released a promo video teasing the big battle. The clip reveals that the Legends will be battling the Romans, Vikings, and Pirates.

We see Sara Lance addressing the team who might clearly be terrified to find out what the opposing army consists of. However, Sara is doing her best to encourage them. Addressing their team, she reminds them that today is the day when they “earn their name legends.” Scroll down to watch the full trailer.

Additionally, the synopsis for Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 finale reveals that after their first failed attempt, Rip Hunter will take the lead and improvise their plan. They will be regrouping themselves in the Wild West as they prepare to tackle Mallus’ army. This is where the team reunites with their old friend Jonah Hex. Hex is not the only one joining the team for a fight, Helen of Troy will make an appearance too. Meanwhile, Jax Jackson/Firestorm and John Constantine will also make an appearance for the finale.

With Sara’s new plan in the play, Ray is left behind to keep a watch on Damien Darhk. Elsewhere, Amaya is determined to bring down Mallus. She struggles with Totems to destroy Mallus.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 finale airs Monday, April 9 on the CW. Be sure to keep visiting on Pursue News for your daily updates.

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