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LEGO Unveils Life-Size Model Of The Flash From Justice League

LEGO Unveils Life-Size Model Of The Flash From Justice League

San Diego Comic-Con has always been a visual treat thanks to their glamorous set-up of the convention hall. This time, The Flash from Justice League is sure to leave fans awestruck by unveiling their LEGO life-size model.

LEGO recently tweeted photos of the life-size model, giving a closer look at its details. Readers can check it out below.

Earlier, Mashable also shared exclusive photos and a behind-the-scene look at the large scale model. One of the images also reveals a sketch of Ezra Miller and different poses of the actor wearing the speedster suit from Justice League.

The aesthetic LEGO brick was built by 23-year-old model shop veteran Mark Roe. The life-size model was constructed with the help of Warner Bros. The studio shared 360-degree scans of Miller wearing the Flash attire.

Later, Roe used a computer graphics software called Autodesk Maya to build his model and create poses of The Flash. The final version of the life-size model shown below weighs about 150 pounds including its platform and internal armature.

Roe and his team were able to finish building the LEGO life-size model in a period of two and a half weeks. Fans attending the event can take a look at the brick form replica at the LEGO booth. For now, head over to Mashable to check out their set of photos as well.

The LEGO life-size model of The Flash would definitely be a show stopper at SDCC 2017. Moreover, it is sure to attract a larger crowd and in turn promote the speedster as well WB’s Justice League.

The brick model won’t be the only exciting thing at SDCC as Warner Bros. has also confirmed its presence with some announcements for Justice League and Aquaman. Fans are also expecting the studio to give an update on the speedster standalone film.

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