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Leslie Grace’s Batgirl meets Michael Keaton’s Batman in hi-res photo from scrapped DCEU movie

Leslie Grace’s Batgirl meets Michael Keaton’s Batman in hi-res photo from scrapped DCEU movie

Ever since the canning of Batgirl, insiders have leaked the DCEU movie’s plot details such as the number of instances Michael Keaton appears as the Batman/Bruce Wayne and his interactions with Barbara Gordon (Leslie Grace). Now, a new hi-res still of Batgirl and Batman appearing face-to-face has surfaced online, all thanks to filmmaker Adil El Arbi.

The fate of Batgirl is cemented after WBD’s earnings call reiterated their plans to prioritize quality over quantity – a jab aimed at Batgirl which reportedly earned poor test screening scores. Since then, the film’s titular star along with filmmakers Arbi and Billah Fallah have shared stills and video clips caught on set – showing glimpses of the vigilante donning her comic-accurate purple suit and her confrontation against Gotham criminals and FireFly’s (Brendan Fraser) goons. Similarly, the director shared another image showing both the caped vigilantes on top of a building. The shot has similarities to Matt Reeves’ The Batman when the caped crusader meets Catwoman.

Batgirl’s movie apparently had a simple plot and it didn’t involve Keaton’s Batman training Barbara. Though several insiders have argued it remained faithful to the comic adaptation. While Batgirl was initially considered for possible reshoots with hopes of shaping the project for a theatrical release rather than direct to streaming – it failed to impress the higher-ups.

Batgirl, Michael Keaton batman

Batgirl and Michael Keaton batman

Scenes of the Wayne Manor and towers from Tim Burton’s Universe were also showcased. The third act of Batgirl ended with both of Gotham’s protectors teaming up and diving off a gargoyle, as claimed by ViewerAnon. Also, an image of Batgirl’s dialogues was released. It has Barbara Gordon saying the catchphrase it’s “Battin’ time!”.  The continuous leaks have some fans wondering if the entire movie could end up surfacing online. However, it must be noted that the post-production work remains incomplete so VFX sequences would not be suitable for viewing.


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