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‘Like Josstice League Batman’: The Flash movie fans & critics share HD scenes discussing Batfleck chasing Falcone, Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth bridge sequence & more, here’s how to watch on Prime Video & Apple TV+

‘Like Josstice League Batman’: The Flash movie fans & critics share HD scenes discussing Batfleck chasing Falcone, Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth bridge sequence & more, here’s how to watch on Prime Video & Apple TV+

After a quick yet poor box office run, The Flash movie has landed on streaming and fans and detractors of the DC film are already split up over particular sequences – like Batfleck’s “candid” moment with Wonder Woman being dubbed as Josstice League’s interpretation of Batman by Snyderverse stans. Whereas supporters of Andy Muschietti‘s DCEU film were not short of praises over the execution of Michael Keaton‘s Dark Knight fight scenes.

The Flash movie fans are convinced Andy Muschietti is the befitting choice of filmmaker to direct DC Studios’ Brave and the Bold. As of July 18, Warner Bros. has released The Flash via digital retail platforms – so audiences have been tuning in on the feature whilst also sharing their most loved sequences and moments that did not strike a chord.

Going by social media reactions – it is clear the DC Film fandom is divided over nit-picked moments such as Batfleck’s gushing smile while interacting with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). “My ego is far too big to say thank you to someone,” says Batman as he realizes his fist is entangled in the Lasso of Truth along with Alberto Falcone.

“I developed this all-powerful persona to compensate for my childhood trauma,” he adds and continues to mumble more of his inner thoughts and leads to awkward silence. For Snyderverse fans, the scene feels “like Josstice League batman than ZSJL batman,” as noted by @wetwalrus31. Though supporters of the movie found it rather humorous as a light-hearted exchange between the Justice League members. It should also be noted Ben Affleck considers this exchange as the “It’s my best s–t I have done as Batman!”

To some, The Flash movie experience was a hybrid of both Josstice League and ZSJL, as one user @ShazBoi03 noted with stills of Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight from the Bridge sequence showcasing a smiling Batman and a grim Bruce Wayne from his last scene with Barry (Ezra Miller), much in line with Batman v Superman.

Similarly, Nicolas Cage‘s Superman cameo received divided responses with one side finding it to be an amazing experience while others were busy pin-pointing their issues over the jarring CGI. It appears the screencap of Nic’s Superman appearance shared during its release week was heavily edited to portray it in an even poorer state. Nonetheless, audiences are split over the cameo galore, especially over the ethical decision to recreate Christopher Reeve through CGI.

Speaking of VFX, some were disappointed Henry Cavill‘s Superman last appearance in the DC Extended Universe was recreated through computer-generated imagery. It also brought up the conversation around A.I. and an actor’s likeness being used by Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Batfleck fans are torn up from witnessing the behind-the-scenes images of Ben Affleck’s Batman without the cowl. It seems to be a deleted scene with many speculating it could be the post-credits scene which would have shown Batman lost in the timeline – a consequence of Barry messing with the timeline. The sequence was reportedly scrapped after James Gunn took over the DCU franchise.

Where to stream The Flash movie available for rent and purchase on digital

While nothing can take away The Flash’s acclaimed critical response as well as the praises it received from a section of DCU fandom – the movie will sadly be remembered for its abysmal box office run, particularly its domestic earnings which stand below Green Lantern as of this writing.

For those yet to experience The Flash on streaming – the DC film is available for rent at $19.99 and $24.99 for purchase on Prime Video and Apple TV+. This edition also includes bonus materials like the deleted scene featuring Young Barry coming across Supergirl’s spaceship and finding her suit. Additionally, a 2-film collection bundle with 1989’s Batman is also on sale on Vudu for $29.99.

The physical medium with Blu-ray edition and 4K Ultra HD will be available in stores from August 29. It is unclear when The Flash movie will be available to stream through traditional subscription models on streaming platforms like WBD’s very own Max (previously known as HBO Max).




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