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‘Literally what Pride Flag?’- Victoria Alonso didn’t agree to blur Ant-Man 3’s LGBTQ reference & MODOK butt scene, details

‘Literally what Pride Flag?’- Victoria Alonso didn’t agree to blur Ant-Man 3’s LGBTQ reference & MODOK butt scene, details

It appears Victoria Alonso‘s firing from Marvel Studios may be linked to Ant-Man 3 after all. But not for the reasons concerning VFX but rather over a disagreement to remove an LGBTQ reference from the threequel for its release in Kuwait. Moreover, a scene featuring MODOK’s butt in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was also part of the edit request from Marvel execs.

Disney terminating the VFX president of Marvel Studios has turned into a PR nightmare for the mouse house and the MCU. An earlier report had claimed Victoria Alonso’s participation in promoting Argentina, 1985 – an Oscar-nominated title she produced was in a direct contract violation with Disney.

The involvement of Marvel Studios’ post-production president in another project while MCU titles had a jam-packed busy schedule was reported to have “rankled” Disney execs for violating company policy. But Alonso’s reply through her attorney stated she had “refused to do something she believed was reprehensible”

Going by THR‘s follow-up report, Disney insiders told the outlet the issue rose over Victoria Alonso denying editing a gay pride reference in Ant-Man 3 for its theatrical release in Kuwait. The scene in question appears during Scott Lang’s stroll down the streets of San Francisco where the term “Pride” appears on a storefront.

As the VFX and post-production head, Alonso denied editing the LGBTQ reference. However, that didn’t stop Marvel Studios executives from going over her head to blur the mention of Pride. In addition, other removals included an alcohol reference and MODOK’s (Corey Stoll) butt cheeks though the scene was created with visual effects.

Marvel fans say they did not notice any Pride imagery in Ant-Man 3

Marvel fans are divided over claims that Alonso was fired for clashing over Ant-Man 3’s gay reference. While some insist she was scapegoated for the VFX issue, others believe it was a reasonable explanation to fire the former president since she refused to follow Disney’s policy on edits which clearly states “If we make edits because of legal or other considerations, they will be as narrow as possible.”

Disney does “not make an edit” if it would impact the storytelling so blurring the Pride mention would have been a reasonable decision. Some MCU stans are also puzzled since they failed to notice the brief shot.

Disney’s Marvel Studios have faced several hurdles in the past for including gay references in blockbusters such as Doctor Strange 2, which was banned in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The Multiverse of Madness showcased America Chavez’s parents as lesbians. Similarly, the latest Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was also been subject to edits in Kuwait – removing a brief love interest hint between Michaela Coel‘s Aneka and Florence Kasumba‘s Ayo.

Alonso has been vocal about LGBTQ representation on-screen and made news for her controversial pushback against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill while asking the then Disney CEO Bob Chapek to “take a stand”.




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