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Spending Upward 200 Million For ‘Lobo’ Movie Doesn’t Interest Studio

Spending Upward 200 Million For ‘Lobo’ Movie Doesn’t Interest Studio

The cost of producing Warner Bros.’ Lobo movie is likely to reach upwards of $200 million if made as per the current script, THR reports. That’s definitely a whopping amount for a character solo film. Warner Bros. and even director Michael Bay does not seem to be interested in making Lobo with such a high budget, considering the risk involved.

A part of the decision of whether or not to proceed with the film lies in the hands of Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs who has been tasked to rewrite the script of Lobo which is expected to scale down the production costs of the film.

As per The Wrap, close sources have revealed that Michael Bay has met with DC to discuss the long-gestating anti-hero movie. This indicates that the studio is keen in handing over the reins of Lobo movie in the hands of the Transformers series director. Notably, Bay has the credits of making big-scale action hits like The Rock, Bad Boys and all five Transformers movies in his name. If he chooses to direct Warner Bros.’ Lobo though, it would be his first foray into the comic book movie world.

Considering the nature of the comic book character, Warner Bros. is expected to continue with an R rating for Lobo. The character was created by writer Roger Slifer and artist Keith Giffen.

Lobo is a 7-foot-tall, blue-skinned, heavily muscled antihero alien bounty hunter. He is foul-mouthed, and a cigar-chomping alien, who could be DC and Warner Bros. answer to Fox’s Deadpool. Deadpool has earned the tag of being the highest-earning R-rated movie with a worldwide collection of over $783 million. The movie sequel’s recent trailer also looks promising and still seems to be going the R rated way with its violence. It is all set to hit screens this summer.

It is expected that if Fuchs’ reworked script pulls down the production cost of the movie, the project will get the green light pretty soon.

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