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Logan Review: Hugh Jackman’s Last Ride Is Not For The Faint Hearted Fans

Logan Review: Hugh Jackman’s Last Ride Is Not For The Faint Hearted Fans

Two things to remember as you step into the theater to experience Logan- carry a hankie to wipe your tears and do not wait for a post-credit scene as there isn’t one.

Logan gives us a weak Wolvi, drinking away his remaining life as he aides for the “ailing” Professor X. Initially, it’s quite hard to see Logan and Charles in fear and look vulnerable to the outside world. But the movie is quick at reminding that they’re old but not obsolete. Especially Charles as he revealed to be a ticking time bomb.

It’s hard enough that our adamantium buddy cannot withstand bullets like he did in his prime – but time has also managed to break him mentally. Fortunately, Laura a.k.a X-23 steps in to be Logan’s redemption.

It is a no brainer but still *SPOILER ALERT* Laura was in fact created with Wolverine D.N.A and presents him as the biological father. Initially, the few compiling dialogues from Charles are not enough to convince Logan. But watching Laura in action proves that she is every bit of him and smarter.

Surprisingly, Logan seems to be the adamant brat while Laura is a raging violent wolf capable of being as calm as Charles from the old days. The movie slowly establishes a father-daughter relationship between Logan and Charles. It gives our protagonist a glimpse at a normal life. Unfortunately, the vulnerable Logan is forced to go back to put out of his claws one last time to save what remains.

Logan doesn’t sugarcoat any instances to make it a pleasant experience to the audience. At first, I was excited that the movie was R-rated. I could only imagine Wolverine running through a hoard of soldiers in beast mode. But scenes that present situation in favor of the antagonist is not for the faint-hearted fanboys.

Unlike the previous X-men movies, there are no moments to present humor expect for Charles swearing throughout the movie. The cinematography stunningly depicts a gritty world that suits the story’s tone. Furthermore, James Mangold has cleverly directed the movie with no rooms for distractions that could lead to questions about the past- the entire movie keeps the audience hooked to the present timeline.

While we bid farewell to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, the movie manages to give hope through Laura. Logan has given a new path for the young adamantium superhero and could possibly fill Wolverine’s shoe as well.

The entire cast, director, cinematographer and the studio have managed to successfully end one of the best adaptations in the cinematic universe.

I rate the movie 9.8/10

Directed and written by James Mangold. Starring Hugh Jackman as Logan, Patrick Stewart as Charles and Dafne Keen as Laura a.k.a X-23.




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