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Loki Isn’t Happy To Meet The Hulk In New Thor: Ragnarok TV Spot

Stills from Thor Ragnarok trailer

Loki Isn’t Happy To Meet The Hulk In New Thor: Ragnarok TV Spot

A new TV spot from Thor: Ragnarok gives a glimpse of the film’s much-desired humor. But it looks like some of the funny moments won’t be in favor to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

The TV spot once again promotes Thor’s mission to “putting together a team” which comprises of Loki, Valkyrie and The Hulk. However, Loki doesn’t seem to be happy to meet the Gladiator version of The Hulk.

Fans are already aware that Thor goes up against The Hulk in grandmaster’s arena in Sakaar and gets a humiliating beat down as usual. But the God of Thunder won’t be alone as his brother Loki also seems to be in line.

Fans can hear Thor shout out to his brother in the TV spot saying, “Loki, look who it is.” However, it looks like the thought of The Hulk is still a frightening memory for Loki as he states, “I have to get off this planet.”

An earlier LEGO set showcased the fight between The Hulk and Thor in the Grandmaster arena. [Minor spoiler alert] the toy set also revealed Loki getting a beatdown by The Hulk.

It looks like the trickster god still remembers the brief moment he shared with The Hulk in 2012’s The Avengers. To jog our reader’s memory, The Hulk pulverizes Loki in the end of the battle, leaving him in a state of shock and knocked out on the floor. The Hulk walks away with a catchphrase saying, “Puny God”.

Unlike previous Marvel films, Short catchphrases like “Hulk Smash” won’t be the only lines The Hulk gets to use in Thor: Ragnarok. In the TV spot, fans can hear Doc Green say, “No team, only Hulk” when Thor is in the middle of recruiting Valkyrie.

The film features these characters together as a team as they attempt to stop Hela, Goddess of War from destroying Asgard by preventing Ragnarok. Although the God of Thunder seems to lose his Hammer, he still seems powerful going by the ending scene in the trailer (embedded below).

Thor: Ragnarok hits the big screen on November 3rd. But fans in the UK will be watching the movie 10 days prior. Fans can read more on it from our earlier report.

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