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‘Looks like Venom’- Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man fans get nostalgic over Topher Grace’s Symbiote reference tweet

‘Looks like Venom’- Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man fans get nostalgic over Topher Grace’s Symbiote reference tweet

Spider-Man 3 star Topher Grace had a life-imitates-art moment on Twitter after spotting a video of a goop of black worms reactive like the Venom Symbiote. Marvel fans did not miss the That 70s Show actor making a reference to his Eddie Brock role in the Sam Raimi-helmed Marvel film. A Venom 3 is in the making at Sony Pictures with Kelly Marcel and Tom Hardy penning the story treatment and script together.

The viral clip shared by a hiker showing a black Venom-Esque worm on a rock has reminded Marvel fans of the symbiote that invaded Eddie Brock’s body and ultimately, even Spider-Man in the 2007 film. The Sam Raimi classic has even become canon thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home introducing characters like Sandman (Thomas Haden Church).

While Topher Grace did not get the chance to appear in the multiverse flick – the 44-year-old actor seems to still remember an awful lot of his encounter with the lethal protector. “I messed with this stuff once. Not cool,” he retweeted with his quote on Saturday.

The tweet caught Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man fans’ attention with many sharing their reaction with responses like, “They found Venom” and some also questioned the star if he’d be interested in giving the character another go. In addition, a few of Topher Grace’s stans were also quizzing the actor over the possible return of the Home Economics series. Readers can check out reactions below.

While the current Spider-Man universe already has its Venom – it would be a wonderful homage to Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 to include a brief appearance of Topher. Speaking of the lethal protector, the third film starring Tom Hardy is officially in pre-production with the script in the works.

Earlier this week on April 20, it was reported Ted Lasso star Juno Temple is onboard for a lead appearance in the threequel though no character details were disclosed. Plot details remain a secret for now but it’s expected to follow up after the events of Venom: Let There Be Carnage which transported Eddie to the MCU due to No Way Home’s multiverse incident.

Venom 3 does not have a release date attached yet and is expected to begin filming sometime later this year. While details are scarce – Sony Pictures is actively working on the project with Kelly Marcel – who wrote the script for the first two films, directing the threequel.




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