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Lost Series Writer In Talks For HBO’s Watchmen TV Show, Details

Lost Series Writer In Talks For HBO’s Watchmen TV Show, Details

Watchmen may not currently have a future in the cinematic universe. However, the alternate history series by Alan Moore looks to produce a TV series for HBO. A recent report has revealed that Director Damon Lindelof could helm the project which is in “early development stages.”

The news was reported by THR and has also revealed that an official deal hasn’t been made yet. For those unaware, Lindelof is quite known for his past works in Hollywood. The director is mostly appreciated for being a writer for the famous Lost TV series.

Lindelof also won a Primetime Emmy for outstanding drama series sharing it along with other executive producers such as J.J. Abrams. He went on to be nominated five times for an Emmy for his outstanding writing for a drama series.

Since then, Lindelof has gone on to be a writer for many titles such as Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z (screenplay), Tomorrowland etc. He also worked on a TV mini-series for Marvel titled Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.

As exciting the news seems it has also been revealed that Zack Snyder is no longer part of the project. No reasons have been pointed out yet but some fans are sure to be saddened as Snyder gave life to Alan Moore’s Watchmen when he directed the adaptation of the 2009 feature film.

Alan Moore’s works in the comics have eventually led to a grand adaptation for the big screen.  Some titles such as V for Vendetta and Batman: The Killing Joke received a lot of support from the masses and made quite the buck for Warner Bros.

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