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‘Magic & Madness’ – Zack Snyder teases Rebel Moon universe’s world-building, Netflix also developing a graphic novel and animation short for sci-fi franchise

‘Magic & Madness’ – Zack Snyder teases Rebel Moon universe’s world-building, Netflix also developing a graphic novel and animation short for sci-fi franchise

Netflix is betting big on the Rebel Moon Universe and may even have a global press tour in store to promote the first arrival from Zack Snyder‘s original sci-fi franchise. With filming wrapped up in December, The director has been deep in post-production putting together Rebel Moon for its 2023 Christmas release. Additionally, Snyder also revealed a graphic novel and animation short are in the works too.

As Snyderverse nears its curtain call moment with the emergence of Gunn’s DC – the director’s fanbase has steadily shifted their focus to his upcoming works with Netflix. Rebel Moon in particular has managed to build anticipation from Zack Snyder’s teases through concept arts offering a glimpse of the space opera and behind-the-scenes production stills of its cast like the Jimmy JC1435, the sentient battle robot voiced by Anthony Hopkins

While a full-length trailer is still far off, Snyder has offered some exciting teasing info on the movie during a discussion for the Full Circle event. Speaking to The Nerd Queens on Sunday, the director addressed the post-production process saying, “We’ve been editing away on the movie and it’s coming along awesome. It’s quite a lot of material to go through. It’s happy work, I’m loving it. So I’m very excited for that.”

At one point, Snyder also confirmed Netflix is working on fleshing out the franchise through other formats when addressing a query regarding the possibility of finishing the Snyderverse as a graphic novel. Though that window for the DCEU may have passed, it’s a different story for the neo-noir space adventure thriller. 

Zack Snyder gets candid on world-building an original inter-connected sci-fi franchise for Netflix

“We are doing a graphic novel for Rebel Moon. I think we are gonna do an animation short. We are gonna do a bunch of other things that are insane. It’s all in the works,” noted Snyder. He also later revealed an RPG game was in development and it doesn’t seem to be the usual mobile game tie-in. 

“It’s not a small time commitment to Rebel Moon,” said Snyder talking about the painstaking process to build an inter-connected universe. “Sci-fi thing like this at this scale does require a lot of attention.”

“It’s a very interconnected world and we been doing our best to make it all make sense, and there’s like magic and madness and all the things that are in the universe and how they all coalesce, it’s not a casual pursuit,” added the filmmaker.

Snyder’s world-building for the sci-fi space opera has unfortunately slowed the progress on other projects like Twilight of the Gods though the director assures he is working on the animated show side by side with his fantasy ensemble feature.

Directed by Zack Snyder from a script co-written by the helmer with Army of the Dead’s Shay Hatten and 300‘s Kurt Johnstad, Rebel Moon stars Sofia Boutella in the lead role as Kora. Also starring are Charlie Hunnam, Corey Stoll, Djimon Hounsou as General  Titus, Ed Skrein as Balisarius and Ray Fisher as Blood Axe. 

Rebel Moon is set to release on December 22, 2023.




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