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‘Making Victoria Alonso the fall guy’- Marvel fans react to former post-production president being blamed for MCU’s toxic treatment of VFX workers

‘Making Victoria Alonso the fall guy’- Marvel fans react to former post-production president being blamed for MCU’s toxic treatment of VFX workers

MCU’s esteemed executive Victoria Alonso departing Marvel Studios has led to speculations that her exit was influenced by her alleged toxic work environment for VFX artists. Vulture’s senior journalist claims, according to his sources – Alonso also had a blacklist that kept FX workers in check through fear. But many Marvel fans and critics have questioned the bombshell accusation if only one person could be held answerable for the studio’s questionable relationship with the visual effects industry.

From serving as a co-producer on 2008’s Iron Man to serving as an exec producer for Doctor Strange 2– Victoria Alonso has long been considered a powerhouse for Marvel Studios and also a proponent of the LGBTQ. Though lately, her name has popped up alongside Kevin Feige for setting unrealistic demands for visual effects artists during post-production. The VFX president’s sudden exit shocked Hollywood but has also led to dissent surrounding senior reporter Chris Lee’s tweets stating “Victoria Alonso was singularly responsible for Marvel’s toxic work environment.”

The journalist is known for his coverage of VFX crunch culture in Hollywood with his January report on the VFX union outright stating, “everyone’s quite scared of is Victoria Alonso.” MCU head Kevin Feige is also named in the story as the main exec in charge of approving every single VFX shot which is usually a director or showrunner’s responsibility. Though a Marvel insider also denied the claim in the same report whilst also calling the blacklist a myth.

Victoria Alonso is receiving her fair share of support and criticism since news broke of her departure from Marvel. But even critics like Joanna Robinson have refuted the claims calling it a “gross mischaracterization”. Readers can check out reactions below.

Serving as the president of Post-production, VFX and Animation – Alonso is credited for some of Marvel’s finest work with her name also among the executive producers listed as a Primetime Emmy nominee for What If…? in the Outstanding Animated Program category. She also produced the Oscar-nominated Argentina, 1985.

With a list of applaud-worthy titles to her name, the former VFX president for Marvel Studios is also responsible for MCU’s latest entry, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania which was embroiled in the VFX crunch controversy. In fact, Vulture’s report for Ant-Man 3 highlighted the unrealistic deadlines set for VFX workers which goes back as far as Spider-Man: No Way Home. Moreover, the lackluster VFX quality in Thor: Love and Thunder and other projects were also revealed to be a consequence of work overload.

Victoria Alonso is still attached as an executive producer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Secret Invasion and Ironheart.




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