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‘Man Of Steel codex vibes’ – Zack Snyder fans react to Rebel Moon characters, such as Scribes, Nazi-Esque villain Admiral Noble, Ray Fisher’s Bloodaxe & more

‘Man Of Steel codex vibes’ – Zack Snyder fans react to Rebel Moon characters, such as Scribes, Nazi-Esque villain Admiral Noble, Ray Fisher’s Bloodaxe & more

2023’s Christmas will be arriving earlier for  Zack Snyder fans thanks to Rebel Moon and going by first-look images at the Kora-led ragtag mercenaries – the ensemble ticks all the boxes needed to fight the oppressive regime from Mother World known as Imperium. While a trailer is still pending, fans are in awe over the details shared by Vanity Fair from their talk with the filmmaker.

Zack Snyder has spilled the beans on Rebel Moon, simply put it’s a battle against The Imperium’s oppression. And the first sign of resistance from a group of mercenaries could be the tipping point for the rest of the enslaved worlds to fight back. These guns for hire are namely Kai (Charlie Hunnam), General Titus (Djimon Hounsou), a Tarzan-looking Barbarian-Esque warrior called Tarak (Starz Nair), Doona Bae‘s Nemesis as the mechanical armed swordmaster, farmer Gunnar and Snyder fans’ favorite, Darien Bloodaxe played by Ray Fisher.

Rebel Moon as the title goes, Veldt appears to be a Moon being used as an outpost by the army to utilize their harvest for food resources. While they are unable to fight back against their brutality – Kora, who seems to be hiding on this Moon after deserting her leader post in the army is the Rebel that brings together a resistance.

While the Rebel Moon plot is similar to Star Wars – there is a whole lot of world-building set in a “dieselpunk” environment, as Snyder says. There is a sort of higher-energy source than gasoline, since they have a way of jumping across vast swaths of the universe, but the technology hasn’t really changed in quite a while,” the director further added.

Rebel Moon fans compare Scribes’ DNA trait to Man of Steel’s codex

Snyder fans have been pointing out cinematic parallels to the director’s past works as one Twitter user @kayivar compared the Scribes’ DNA-storing ability through humans to Man of Steel‘s codex. In addition, the Henry Cavill starrer film also shows Zod being selective in which bloodline survives which was compared to “the Scribes, of course, are manipulated by politics, and they write down only what they’re supposed to.”

Ed Skrein will play the big-bad in the space opera thriller and his character details have audiences intrigued over possibly playing an unlikeable villain. In fact, the costume design also looks Nazi-Esque which has been pointed out by many fans too. Some Rebel stans are also delighted by Snyder’s decision to cast Game of Thrones stars (known as Daario Naharis in GOT). Readers can check out reactions below.

Other members from the ensemble include Jimmy the Battle robot voiced by Anthony Hopkins, E. Duffy – a non-binary newcomer playing Milius, Ant-Man 3‘s Corey Stoll and ZSJL’s Darkseid actor Ray Porter also has an undisclosed role.

Rebel Moon receiving two cuts has been met with criticism as some compare the situation to the Snyder cut. However, the director’s fanbase has shown their support to release a PG-13 cut and an R-rated version similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition so audiences from all walks of life can experience this sci-fi space opera.

Snyder followers are also expecting a theatrical release but Netflix is yet to announce a release date or even confirm if a limited theatrical release is part of the plan. Though Snyder’s Army of the Dead did land theater window and arrived a week earlier to its streaming premiere.

Rebel Moon will be available on Netflix to stream from December 22, 2023.




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