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Marc Guggenheim’s ‘The Flash’ Movie Script Included Green Lantern

Still of The Flash from Justice League and still of Green Lantern from JL animated movie/ Warner Bros. DC Entertainment

Marc Guggenheim’s ‘The Flash’ Movie Script Included Green Lantern

Way before directors like Rick Famuiywa got a chance to pitch their version of the script for The Flash there was another treatment that got rejected by Warner Bros. The CW’s Arrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim and The Flash TV series co-creator Greg Berlanti had developed a script for the speedster live-action which would have also introduced Green Lantern.

Guggenheim and Berlanti’s version of the script was unfortunately shelved by the studio. Ezra Miller was also presumed to play the title role since he had become a part of the DC Extended Universe to portray the speedster/Barry Allen in 2014.

Recently, in an interview with Discussing Film at ACE Comic Con 2017, Guggenheim spoke out about his and Berlanti’s The Flash script. During the talk, the Arrow producer made a surprising revelation that his screenplay also included Hal Jordan’s version of Green Lantern at the end of the film.

“We did a Flash screenplay and Hal Jordan showed up at the end of Flash,” said Guggenheim. Fans can check it out in the video below.

Both Guggenheim and Berlanti had written the original screenplay for the 2011’s Green Lantern movie which was one of DC’s biggest letdowns in the cinematic universe. So it’s likely that their version of screenplay would have had a cameo appearance of Ryan Reynolds’ version of Green Lantern.

Before Warner Bros. went with Zack Snyder’s plans to introduce the DCEU with Man of Steel, Berlanti and Guggenheim had their own plans for launching the shared universe with Green Lantern. So it’s understandable why their version of the script for The Flash was rejected.

Currently, the main focus lies on Miller’s The Flash who was successfully introduced in this year’s Justice League. Furthermore, now the studio must also restructure its cinematic universe and continue with the speedster’s arc in his first standalone film being Flashpoint.

Source: Discussing Film via Screen Rant




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