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RUMOR: Martin Scorsese’s Joker Origin Movie To Feature A Bullied Joker

RUMOR: Martin Scorsese’s Joker Origin Movie To Feature A Bullied Joker

The news of Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips making a Joker origin movie has hit really strong with fans. Some might not be on board with the idea at present but some are keen to know what the iconic filmmaker will bring with this movie.

If a latest scoop on the movie is to be believed then fans can expect something exciting from the movie. reported that the latest scoop comes from former MMA fighter Brendan Schaub who is Todd Feldman’s friend and who in turn is Todd Phillips’ agent. Schaub revealed that Feldman and Phillips have put this movie together, which is meant to be a very dark movie featuring a young Joker.

He further described that the future lunatic and evil prince of crime will be seen as a young boy who had a permanent smile and who was bullied a lot. These details seem to be in line with what was revealed just a few days back.

It was revealed that the Joker origin movie would be a crime film set in Gotham city in the 80’s. With it being a crime film, it remains to be seen which other characters make it in the movie.

Earlier this month, a report had revealed that this Joker origin movie will be under a new DC banner and a new actor will be cast in it. The reason why the studio took this decision because it reportedly wants to expand its canon of characters and bring more unique storylines.

With the Joker origin movie being set in a new universe separate from DCEU, WB/DC will have two versions of Joker existing in their respective cinematic universes.

It is being said that this origin movie is just the beginning, as more movies will be developed under the new unnamed DC cinematic universe. It remains to be seen which other character gets an origin movie and how is it received amongst fans.

Maybe more DC villains and lesser-known heroes like Booster Gold, Plastic Man and others will get their own movies in this newly created universe. As of now, there is no official plot or release date known for the Joker origin movie.





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