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Marvel Mocks Batman v Superman Again In New Deadpool Comics

Marvel Mocks Batman v Superman Again In New Deadpool Comics

Batman v Superman faced a lot of criticism from the masses and was branded as a failed movie under the DCEU by many critics. However, the film still received support from fans as many believed the R-Rated uncut version of the film could have been a success.

In the end, the film also failed to appeal to its wide set of audience that follows the DC Universe. But several scenes in the film still manage to receive utmost appreciation from fans for its style of execution. However, not everyone had the same opinion.

A famous sequence which is termed as the ‘Martha Scene’ from Batman v Superman received applauds as well hilarious criticism from the masses. Even Marvel Comics writers have made a mockery out of the dramatic scene.

Recently, the publishers yet again decided to throw another jab at the DCEU film. Marvel Comics ‘Deadpool vs. The Punisher #5’ features a gory scene involving the two superheroes going against each other.

Deadpool manages to pin down The Punisher for a final blow. However, instead, the R-Rated superhero decided to pause for a moment only to take a clear jab at Batman v Superman for the Martha scene. Fans can check out the scanned version of the comic pages below (via: Batman-News).

Marvel Comics has mocked Batman v Superman on several instances since its release in 2016. It seems more like Marvel Comics is using the ‘Jab’ as a gimmick to attract comic readers from both Universes.  Although Marvel has managed to win over the masses on the big screen, the comic publishing house has been on the losing side lately with its drop in readers.

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