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Marvel Studios’ Nova movie reportedly receiving Werewolf by Night Treatment, details

Marvel Studios’ Nova movie reportedly receiving Werewolf by Night Treatment, details

Marvel Studios may have a specific plan in store for the Nova project, a strategy that follows in the footsteps of the recent Disney Plus series, Werewolf by Night. And if true, the MCU title could cleverly introduce both Richard Rider and Samuel Alexander, the space-faring police force members from the corp in a one-off feature without the burden of making it a traditional origin story flick.

It’s high time the Nova Corp made their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and since chief Kevin Feige assured plans to explore the “cosmic side of storytelling”, the Nova project has steadily progressed with Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada brought on aboard to scribe the script. While there was no information if it would be a series for Disney Plus or a live-action feature, a recent report offers some insight into their plans.

The trustworthy folks at Cosmic Circus have heard from their insiders that Marvel Studios is producing a Nova title in a special presentation format. This means it could be a one-off of sorts feature, assuming it could even have a runtime of about 50 minutes, similar to the critically acclaimed Werewolf by Night. The outlet had claimed in an earlier report that the studio had planned to explore more stories to expand the cinematic universe.  

Similar to Nova, Marvel plans to make more special presentations

Like the Halloween special, Marvel already has a Christmas special title ready for release, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. So it seems this format is here to stay, at least for the near future to help the studio tell fascinating stories of obscure characters.  

Feige has been taking a new approach with the latest titles and seems to be setting asides the usual MCU formula, the latest She-Hulk finale serving as a fine example. Though MCU’s maestro has also faced recent hurdles, a price that presumably comes from being “spread too thin” from managing several large projects. So having the opportunity to tell stories in a special unlike the six-episode series format could be seen as a boon for the studio.

The Nova special does not have a release date nor a director attached yet but is expected to begin production in 2023.   




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