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‘Maybe Doctor Strange 3’: fans try to guess which MCU project Benedict Cumberbatch will film next year, stans are hoping it’s a setup for Midnight Suns

‘Maybe Doctor Strange 3’: fans try to guess which MCU project Benedict Cumberbatch will film next year, stans are hoping it’s a setup for Midnight Suns

Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed the Master of the Mystic Arts will return and it could possibly be for Doctor Strange 3 or Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, according to a scooper’s indication. The Sorcerer Supreme (former, sorry Wong) was last seen in the Multiverse of Madness meeting Clea (Charlize Theron) and unlocking his third eye.

Doctor Strange’s comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was evident, especially with Phase 5 diving deeper into the multiverse exploration. Although Doctor Strange 2 was just short of a few million from crossing the $1 billion mark at the box office – Marvel Studios is yet to officially announce a threequel or even greenlight it behind the scenes for that matter.

With Marvel Studios digging into the horror & supernatural aspects of their source material through Werewolf by Night, Agatha spin-off and Blade, the fanbase has been anticipating a setup for Midnight Suns as well. While it’s unclear which MCU project marks Cumberbatch’s return – the actor confirmed, “There are some Marvel capers in the making next year.”

Fans think Benedict could film Doctor Strange scenes next year for Blade or Kang Dynasty

Scooper Greatphase indicated “[Doctor] Strange 3 and Avengers 5 are slated to start filming Q4 of next year”. However, it should be noted that changes to Disney’s release calendar led Kang Dynasty to be pushed back to 2026. Similarly, Blade was also delayed to February 14, 2025, but production apparently began this May but stopped due to the writer’s strike.

Fans are considering the possibility of Doctor Strange filming a cameo for Blade which could potentially be a strong link to establish the Midnight Suns for MCU Phase 6. But MCU’s Kevin Feige is yet to address the supernatural team-up and might likely avoid it, at least until other version ensembles get their due such as the Thunderbolts.

Some fans are strongly suggesting it would be for Avengers 5 rather than Doctor Strange 3. Some also believe it could be for Deadpool 3 though it is reportedly expected to wrap up filming in September. Readers can check out reactions below.

While the mouse house owned studio is yet to reveal their plans for a third Doctor Strange film – it would serve well to include the former Sorcerer Supreme’s cameo in Blade. Whether it’s Strange or Wong (Benedict Wong) – the Master of the mystic Arts has made their presence when magic is involved (as Shang-Chi, She-Hulk & Thor: Ragnarok are case in point). Furthermore, actress Mia Goth‘s inclusion in Blade which could likely be to portray Lilith only makes it more plausible for Strange to pay Daywalker a visit.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available to stream on Disney Plus




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