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‘MCU 2.0’- The Flash post-credits leak of [Spoiler] drunk scene has DCU fans divided, Snyderverse stans reminisce over Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry from ZSJL

‘MCU 2.0’- The Flash post-credits leak of [Spoiler] drunk scene has DCU fans divided, Snyderverse stans reminisce over Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry from ZSJL

While The Flash movie barely involves characters from the Snyderverse – the film still [MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD] has a major nod to the DCEU with Aquaman’s (Jason Momoa) cameo being one of them. However, the nature of Arthur Curry’s appearance in the film’s post-credits has irked many fans, especially Zack Snyder‘s avid followers.

Aquaman is trending on Twitter and not for a good reason as the leaked post-credits scene from The Flash has divided the DCU fandom once again. While Warner Bros. Discovery continues to take down the leaked clips, several videos have sadly surfaced on social media due to the preview screenings.

The scene in question shows Aquaman in his civilian identity as Arthur Curry and is shown having a conversation with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller). Insider CWGST was the first to share accurate details on the post-credit sequence which shows a Drunk Arthur finding out from Barry, “You’re telling me there are different Batmen? What about me?”. To which the speedster replies, “You’re the same furry, friendly guy”. Apparently, in Michael Keaton‘s universe, Arthur is a dog.

Unfortunately, the post-credit did not stick the landing for many as it appears to be one of the most criticized elements. Even DCU fans who found The Flash movie entertaining and tout it as an “AMAZING DC comic book movie” like film reviewer Cris Parker has also noted it is a “pretty useless post-credit”. The problem for Snyderverse fans appears to be how Arthur Curry is showcased as a drunken mumbling character—some shared shots of the Atlantis King from Snyder’s adaptation as a better iteration.

DCEU fans are displeased by Aquaman being a drunken mess in post-credits

A few like IGN’s Jim Vejvoda subtly argued that Arthur Curry was introduced by Snyder as a character who regularly indulges in alcoholism. In fact, Zack Snyder’s Justice League introduces Arthur Curry in a similar fashion though the only difference is The Flash’s Aquaman shows him black-out drunk sleeping it off on the streets. All in all, it is clear the post-credits sequence has divided the fandom, as seen in the reactions below.


The Flash also had a Ben Affleck’s Batman credits scene where Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight attire sans his cowl pops up on a monitor as he says, “You have to find us, Barry! Find us!”. The scene ends with Barry uttering, “Oh, fu-“. Unfortunately, the sequence was left in the editing bay since it would have likely been a setup for a Crisis on Infinite Earths though that is a thing of the past as James Gunn‘s DCU takes the spotlight.

The Flash will arrive in theaters on June 13.




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