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MCU Boss Talks Black Panther Sequel, Hopes For Ryan Coogler’s Return

Still from Black Panther trailer/ Marvel Studios

MCU Boss Talks Black Panther Sequel, Hopes For Ryan Coogler’s Return

Now that the most awaited marvel superhero film, Black Panther, is finally landed in theaters, rumors about a possible sequel have already started making rounds. To recall, the Wakandan king T’Challa, played by actor Chadwick Boseman, made his cinematic debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Boseman is now reprising his role in Ryan Coogler’s 2018 film, Black Panther. The film is based on a script by Joe Robert Cole.

Speculations are that the world’s first mainstream African superhero will earn a record-breaking $180 million during its opening weekend.

During an interview with Variety, when Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was asked how many Black Panther movies audiences can expect in future, he replied saying there are still many more stories out there for them to adapt.

“We always say we work on one movie at a time,” Feige said. “If you have any good ideas, put it in the movie you’re making. If you don’t, you might not be able to make another one. That said, Panther has been around for more than half a century in the comic books and there are many, many stories to tell.”

When asked if he wants Ryan Coogler to come back and direct a sequel, Feige said, “I hope so,” confirming that he “absolutely” wanted him to come back.

Considering the fact that every major Marvel hero including Captain America, Iron Man and Thor have more than two films in the franchise, the possibilities of a Black Panther sequel, maybe Black Panther 2, is inevitable. In fact, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man are also working toward their own trilogies.

Until Marvel puts the Black Panther sequel plans into action, fans will get to see Boseman reprise his superhero role in the Russos’ Avengers: Infinity War, which is coming this summer, and Avengers 4, which is set to release next summer.

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