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MCU fans are delighted as Marvel embraces Loki is Gender Fluid in Disney Plus series

MCU fans are delighted as Marvel embraces Loki is Gender Fluid in Disney Plus series

A new promo clip from the Loki series has finally embraced the Marvel character’s gender expression as ‘fluid.’ Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the reveal and are cheering Marvel Studios’ decision to make it MCU canon.

Disney Plus’ upcoming series, Loki, is just days away from its official premiere. But that’s not stopping the Mouse house-led streaming giant from boosting the show’s marketing push via new promos.

The recently released clip has already put the show in the spotlight for introducing Tom Hiddleston’s Loki as the first character in MCU to be gender-fluid. The God of Mischief’s gender fluidity is a direct inspiration from Norse mythology. Marvel comics also incorporated the character’s sexuality with several early runs featuring Loki turned into a woman.

Speculations regarding the upcoming show exploring Loki’s other side of gender identity began after set photos presumably teased what looked like “Lady Loki”. Sophia Di Martino was seen donning a suit resembling the God of Mischief’s green attire.

Now, the promotional TV spot has more or less confirmed the news before the show’s official airing. The brief clip begins with a shot of Time Variance Authority’s case file on Loki and a closer look shows Loki’s “sex” listed as “fluid.” Readers can check it out below.

Marvel fans are delighted the news comes during Pride Month – even so, it hasn’t ended the plea for MCU to accept Valkyrie’s (Tessa Thompson) bisexual roots. It remains to be seen if Thor: love and Thunder could go in the same route as Loki.

Loki series will dive into the Multiverse adventure as the God of Mischief is captured by the TVA’s Time-keepers. Its currently unsure if Loki would ultimately end up colliding with his own selves from different time stamps while attempting to capture another mysterious big baddie rewriting the MCU timeline.

Loki series will be available to stream from June 9th on Disney Plus.




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