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MCU fans discuss recasting Ms. Marvel star Mohan Kapur for The Marvels movie following sexual harassment of a minor allegation

MCU fans discuss recasting Ms. Marvel star Mohan Kapur for The Marvels movie following sexual harassment of a minor allegation

Ms. Marvel star Mohan Kapur is facing allegations of sexual harassment of a minor with the interest of grooming the then 14-year-old victim, as revealed by the accuser woman in a series of tweets. The Twitter thread has since blown up on the internet with a large wave of MCU fans hoping to see Kapur’s character, Yusuf Khan recast or written off from the upcoming 2023’s The Marvels movie.

It looks like the Brie Larson starrer The Marvels movie may have to consider undergoing reshoots if Marvel Studios plans on keeping Mohan Kapur’s character. The Indian Bollywood actor gained much stardom after bagging his role as Kamala Khan’s father in Ms. Marvel. Earlier in June, Kapur confirmed his appearance in the Captain Marvel sequel.

The alleged survivor made the shocking revelation on Twitter over 10 tweets, detailing instances when Mohan Kapur allegedly “sent his d**k pics”. Although the actor apologized for the incident, he further continued to harass her to the point where the accuser came to learn “Now I know that @mohankapur was grooming me,” as stated in the thread.  The Twitter account has limited viewing access to her tweets though can still be read on Firstpost’s report

MCU fans hope Ms. Marvel star Mohan Kapur is recast in The Marvels movie

A screenshot of Kapur’s alleged chat with the survivor was also released. It shows the Ms. Marvel actor responding to a message from the accuser which says, “why did you ask me to send you nudes”.  To which Kapur’s reply states “you have misconstrued our conversations to make it sound that I was sexually harassing you.” Since the tweets went viral, Marvel fans are flabbergasted by the horrifying details of Mohan Kapur’s alleged sexual harassment. 

Ms. Marvel, Mohan Kapur, MCU, The Marvels

Ms. Marvel Mohan Kapur’s sexual allegation tweet by accuser

Many fans on Twitter and Reddit are already predicting a recasting of the role since his presence plays an important part in Kamala Khan’s family, as seen in Ms. Marvel and expected to be explored further in The Marvels. But some believe the filmmakers would rather remove the character and Marvel Studios could eventually write it off. As one Redditor noted, “Someone’s going to get recast”, to which another user responded, “Or divorced offscreen,” suggesting it as an explanation for his removal from the Ms. Marvel franchise.  

Mohan Kapur (Yusuf Khan aka Kamala’s dad in Ms. Marvel) has been accused of grooming and sending inappropriate pictures to a minor. from marvelstudios

While The Marvels movie wrapped up principal photography sometime in November 2021, the sequel project is set to undergo a second round of reshoots in January 2023. The news came from director Nia DaCosta, during an interview stating, “We are doing reshoots in January and it’s been so insular, the experience… Just like trying to make it as good as possible then to come out of it for a second and get a breath of fresh air. People’s enthusiasm and excitement, it really reminds me why you know we kind of did this in the first place. It’s really awesome. So it was amazing.”

As of this writing, Kapur has locked the public viewing of his Tweets. Stay tuned for more updates on this story, which will be reported as it develops.   




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