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‘Medusa looking for Wanda’: Scarlet Witch reportedly returns in Deadpool 3 & MCU fans are excited as well as scared of the multiverse cameos

‘Medusa looking for Wanda’: Scarlet Witch reportedly returns in Deadpool 3 & MCU fans are excited as well as scared of the multiverse cameos

Wanda Maximoff a.k.a Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) will return in Deadpool 3 though not the version we believed may have succumbed scummed from destroying Darkhold’s Mount Wundagore. Rumor has it that the Illuminati world’s Wanda will make a comeback in the threequel though fans are not happy about it with many complaining that Marvel Studios’ multiverse theme may ruin the experience by taking away the spotlight from the Merch with the mouth.

UPDATE: This rumor has been dismissed as false and no version of Wanda will appear in the threequel

Is Deadpool 3 following in the same footsteps as Doctor Strange 2? That is the question on many MCU fans’ minds ever since reports revealed the threequel would dabble with the TVA-involved multiverse plot. Aside from Wolverine, other characters from Fox’s X-Men and Deadpool variants like Lady Deadpool are expected to be an essential part.

The scoop comes from CosmicCircus writer Alex P. (known for dropping credible reports from time to time) who claims Earth-838’s Wanda Maximoff would return in Deadpool 3, adding more heat to previous rumors that this parallel universe would be heavily explored throughout the third installment.

Some fans speculate it would be the perfect setting to explore Marvel Comics’ House of M storyline. Furthermore, some believe it is also possible the threequel may introduce this version of Scarlet Witch as the daughter of Magneto. Readers can check out reactions below.

Marvel may have big plans in store for Earth-838 but it would not come as a surprise since Earth-616’s Maximoff cruelly killed the Illuminati. A response from other fellow Avengers was expected, especially from Medusa over the death of her husband and King, Black Bolt. Speaking of, Maria Rambeau from that universe is rumored to pop in The Marvels post-credits too.

Still, Readers are urged to take this news with a grain of salt since several such rumors related to Multiverse of Madness did not pan out. The last rumor for the third entry indicated the potential for Ben Affleck‘s Daredevil to make an appearance as well.

Deadpool 3 is apparently nearly finished filming according to Deadline though that statement was quickly retracted by the outlet. Though the production status remains a mystery – the filming of Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman starrer buddy cop-Esque flick amid the Writers Strike has irked many.

The third installment is already being compared to X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was released filmed and released during the 2007 WGA strike. It ironically also featured a version of the Deadpool that Wade went on the mock/kill in Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 3 is scheduled to arrive on May 4, 2024.




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