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Merc With A Mouth’s Baby Legs Are Back In Deadpool 2 Promo Video

Screenshot from Deadpool 2 The Final Trailer/ 20th Century Fox

Merc With A Mouth’s Baby Legs Are Back In Deadpool 2 Promo Video

Deadpool 2 actor Ryan Reynolds has shared a hilarious new video on Twitter promoting the film’s extended Super Duper Cut, which will be available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, August 21. The Super Duper Cut offers a look at 15 minutes of additional footage from the film that was not included in the final cut released in theaters.

The video in question shows the Merc with a Mouth getting a diaper change. To recall, in Deadpool 2, Juggernaut ripped off Wade Wilson into two parts. So, he was encumbered with growing infant legs as he waited for his bottom half grow out completely. You can check out the hilarious video clip below.

Earlier this month, a deleted scene was also released featuring the Merc with a mouth with baby Hitler. The scene will be available on the Super Duper Cut.

During the San Diego Comic-Con panel (via Comicbook) held last month, Reynolds revealed that he immediately regretted asking for the baby legs when he first saw them just before the film’s release.

The baby legs were shown to me the week of the release of the film,” Reynolds said. “That week we had to block-out photos and I have a little girl and I kept saying, make my legs look like those, and then when I saw it, I immediately regretted all of it.”

The Deadpool actor said that he was a bit concerned about the scene showing baby testicles getting approved by the Motion Picture Association of America.

I was worried that you saw some baby balls in there, and we would get rejected by the MPAA,” Reynolds said. “So I was prepared to go to their office — because you can argue your case — but I was going to tell them those were my balls.”

Deadpool 2 turned out to be a big hit at the global box office, raking in around $727 million to become one of the highest grossing R rated movies of all time. The film’s success has already paved way for a third installment which is rumored to get directed by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch.

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