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Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Here’s What CBFC Edited out From India’s Theatrical Cut

Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Here’s What CBFC Edited out From India’s Theatrical Cut

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is receiving all the right vibes from fans around the world thanks to its breathtaking action sequences and death-defying stunts by Tom Cruise. While the movie delivered on what its trailers promised to the fans, a part of the audience in India are disappointed after watching the movie and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is to blame for that.

Warning: This article may contain minor spoilers

For those unaware, the climax in Mission: Impossible – Fallout is set in Kashmir as Ethan Hunt and his team attempt to save the world. An earlier report from IANS (via Hindustan Times) revealed that the movie will have references to Kashmir and the India army. But the scenes were in fact shot in New Zealand though it had a Kashmir setting.

As excited as many fans were in India, the hype for it went in vain when many realized that the scenes with references to Kashmir were cut out of the movie. Unfortunately, the CBFC had edited out any mentions to Kashmir.

After digging up for some answers, we may know why the censor board decided to cut a few shots from India’s theatrical version.

Firstly, the shots that were subject to CBFC’s editing showed the map of India and had dialogues that involved the word ‘Kashmir’. The map shown in the movie is considered to be a misrepresentation of the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir. And one of the words that were subject to removal is ‘Indian-controlled Kashmir’.

A letter from the CBFC describes in details everything that was subject to the cut in the movie. Check it out below.

Any references to Kashmir were removed from the movie. Audiences would have noticed abrupt cuts during this sequence and all we hear is the mention of ‘Siachen glacier’ and the Indian army.

While many fans were outraged by the cut, it seemed like the right move by CBFC as quite a few were also enraged stating that the map is a misrepresentation. You can check out their responses in the tweets below.

The inclusion of that scene would have likely caused more controversy. Moreover, it looks like more scenes referencing India and the nation’s army was filmed but it didn’t make it to the final cut.

Two stills from the trailer show scenes that were filmed for the climax set in Kashmir. One of the still shows a fallen soldier and on closer look, readers can notice the Indian flag right above Simon Pegg’s head. Its possible this scene was left out at the editing room for the same reason the CBFC decided to remove other such references that could disconcert nationalists.

You can check out some of the tweets from fans sharing their opinion on the cuts.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is currently in theaters. What did you think of the cuts? let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our newsletter and push notification to receive more updates.




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